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  1. Played a couple games after a year away for the premy M10 cuz IDK. Holy crap wow. Either I suck or the game and/or playerbase is garbage.

    1. canadiantrex


      Why not both?

    2. skyf24


      Could be the case TBH. I'm just going to play a few games a day for the M10 cuz its blue and maybe absent mindedly grind credits if something good is in the black market.

  2. I haven't touched the game in about a month and a half, warships occupies my game time and a new job takes up most of the rest. I have pretty much every ship in the game mostly engineered and I can't be bothered to finish them, along with 700m in the bank. Game just got too tedious. I'd done just about everything, if something new and exciting that is combat based gets in I might play again.
  3. Flight assist off lets you pull some awesome stunts (in everything except a Cutter anyways). Small ships become amazing when FA-off and dirty drive modded. Anacondas and Corvettes become very similar in maneuverability to ships much smaller, the Corvette more so but the Conda is no slouch.
  4. I gotta say, the guardian grind is so hilariously drawn out now it's ridiculous. And that's after they toned it down. In any event, Guardian FSD boosters are amazing.
  5. I've been trying to get into that, every time i go out in my mining python i can never find the rocks that explode. Rather frustrating, or im just dumb, which is also a possibility. +1d you both here and reddit for the post, very nice guide.
  6. Probably was a server glitch. The game has a number of them here and there unfortunately, mainly instancing issues but I think i've seen what happened to you once before. Corvette generally doesn't need flight assist off for most targets (and I was drunk so i wasn't exactly on my A game lol) but here and there i'd be using toggling it. The Vette is amazingly maneuverable for being one of the big 3, the Conda comes close but the Vette is in a league of its own.
  7. I ran a combat Cutter up until i got the rank for the Vette. 4 medium turrets, although it is maneuverable enough to get away with fixed if you are willing to put in the effort. Holy crap does it drift though, even with G5 dirties. I gotta say, the Krait really surprised me. easily one of my favorite ships in the game, it's just so versatile and fun to fly.
  8. Glad i helped you along! Sorry that you died the first time, i'm still not sure what killed you though. No one was hostile nearby and nothing was shooting at you. And as much as I wish that I could pretend I was good enough to use fixed on the Corvette, I don't It's definitely a fun over optimal build, but it's so engineered and such overkill that it doesn't make too much of a difference. It's rocking two huge efficient beams and 5 overcharged multicannons, all gimballed because i'm lazy. Up against a decent PVP built ship it'd get walked all over. The Vette can definitely use fi
  9. https://fuelrats.com/ Click on get help and it walks you through what to do. Cobra is a straight up improvement over the Sidewinder. It'll be a lot better in combat because it has 2 medium and 2 small hardpoints, while the sidewinder has just the latter. Cobra is also really good at mining. If you want to go exploring get a Diamondback or an Asp Explorer. Asp is what i prefer but the Diamondback is cheaper and just as viable.
  10. Don't accept a mission to Hutton Orbital unless you have some time to spare. I don't remember how far it is but it is about an hour and twenty minutes or so in supercruise. Should you ever run out of fuel look up the Fuel Rats BTW. It's a player group who specialize in rescuing commander's who ran out of fuel. Sidewinder is passable as a first ship. Nothing fancy of course, but it's capable of most anything you want it to do. It won't do it exceedingly well, but good enough for you to see if you wanna go in that direction or not.
  11. They will yell at you if you fly to close to a docking pad as you're leaving as well. I'm not sure how loitering ended up being a crime punishable by death, but that's Frontier. What have you been doing gameplay wise? Running missions, bounty hunting, trading, etc.
  12. Probably too close to another landing pad, they're very particular like that. https://s.orbis.zone/vgm Barebones Cobra setup, cause the game doesn't explain shit by way of which modules to use. If you wanted to wing up sometime i'd be happy to go bounty hunting or even drop you some cargo to sell. Same name as on here if you wanna add me.
  13. Shit, for free is an amazing deal Those are all common beginners mistakes, once you get the hang of things you'll be good to go. Docking control yells at you no matter what you do TBH. I wish theyd get extra mad at you if yo boost out at 500+ in an Imperial Cutter though. This site is really good for figuring out costs and planning ship builds: https://coriolis.io/ Woe is spot on with his Cobra recommendation. I have most of the ships in the game, still use the Cobra here and there though. Generally use 0y Corvette or Anaconda for combat but if i'm just me
  14. Ehhh. Wait for it to go on sale. It's a great game (I have over 900 hours in it), but a lot of it is the same repetitve tasks with very few ways do anything other than take HQ screenshots of your ship in front of things. That said, on sale it is an absolute steal along with the Horizons expansion pack. Getting good at the PVE combat is an amazing thrill that IMO was well worth the price alone. I wouldn't buy it at full price though, or if you do at least wait for the expansion pack to go on sale cause it adds a lot as well. TL;DR: Wait for a sale on at least one part of it. Base g
  15. You guys think it'd be possible to still grind enough xp for Missouri? Would have to convert a lot, but because a friend invited me back I got 80k free xp xp for playing a tier 6. Sitting on about 90k right now, would have to convert it but i don't mind TBH.
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