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  1. What's a decent/easy WoWs prem? Looking for something american or German preferably thats pretty easy to play as i am nub. Friend invited me back so once i get to tier 6 I get a free Texas but wondering if there's any other decent options.

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    2. TouchFluffyTail


      Of what seems to currently be available for purchase in game to me; Mutsu, Molotov, Warspite, De Grasse, and Giulio Cesare would be my first recommendations on things to look at for a mid tier premium.

    3. skyf24


      Awesome, thanks. Probably going to avoid destroyers as I just seem to die quickly in them in the lower tier ones.

    4. BiggieD61


      Giulio Cesare is very fun to play, damn near idiot proof, but obviously it's in the Italian line that is just creeping forward in the future.  The beauty of the tier 5 GC is that it is capable enough to survive in a tier 7 match - the 4 tier 6's listed by TFT are all good at tier 6/7, but suffer when in tier 8 MM.