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  1. I don't get low sensitivity mouse settings. Mouse itself is 1200 and in game it's like that: Should I really try to lower it down? Feels so slow, to be honest.
  2. Russian Yung Lean




    1. engineered


      Wow, 12 year olds are hard in Russia. :/

  3. Anyone wanna play on EU for a week? Going on a business trip. IS4, IS7, E50, Obj 140, 907, 62A. E5, E100, Cent AX, etc

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    2. Kitten


      @Javajunkie8b lol you think NA is campy? EU invented camping :P

    3. Armatus


      @Kitten Come play on Asia. You Europeans may have invented camping, but we Asians perfected it.

    4. Kitten


      @Armatus I have many times :P SEA is random, either balls to the wall yolo or full on camping. @Storm can probably confirm

  4. This. That's what I usually do.
  5. Yea, I've read that on their forums. So are you saying the game is increasing its popularity and player base?
  6. Well, I don't think anyone would watch you, but the competition is really low.
  7. To be honest, I haven't even tried it. Used to check it out on Twitch, but no one is streaming lately. There are like 80 people watching 5 channels right now. So what's up? Do you think the company lost its momentum and hype?
  8. I have some questions. I'm kinda new to Fallout series. (minor early game spoiler possible) 1) I stumbled upon some quest related building, some psychodelics factory with gas, I decided to clear it out, so I did. What happens when I get the quest? Do I have to go there again? Do I complete it right away? I went there 2nd time to get some loot the gas mechanic was back on but almost everyone was dead. 2) So the quest difficulty scales with your level? I was on the Minutemen story line, got the Castle quest and it was incredibly hard at level 9.
  9. Moi! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbG0k3RyVr0 Feel free to add me, mate.
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