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  1. tried to grind "normally" (no free XP except for modules, fresh captain) the russian crusers and the tier 3 is the T18 of WOWS. I should be ashamed but it's so much fun! You should not skip this one : Tier 4 is fun also but hard without AFT... nice torp arc though.
  2. Weird WE so far. Winning in BBs more than in DDs, which is unusual for me as i'm bad@BB...
  3. I purchase this one when it was on the EU server... at first, i thought it was good but not that great because of the poor HE shell. I've struggled to get damage at first. Since then i've switched to AP against most targets (except DDs) and it is glorious! You're doing consistent damage even against BBs. Good premium to have. Between the camo, the dmg and the capping potential, it prints money....
  4. This was my best Yorck game so far. The ship, well played, is deadly against CAs at close range, the AP deals massive damage. The myoko did experenced that in this game. Damage wise, the game is honest but it was a fun one. The MM was very good for once and the team also. The HP captain skill is very interesting for the Yorck. I think it allowed me to see the end of the game and contribute to the win. http://wowreplays.com/Replay/1207-Yorck-Land-of-Fire-Yorck-Game
  5. Feel free to add me. i play mostly on WE. Have to test the Ingame channel, though.
  6. I found that it is the mid range that is the problem with Yorck... 9-15KM. Because of the shell arc (AP) it is very difficult to hit smaller targets and the HE isn't very impressive. Against BBs at this range, dmg is good with HE but you don't have a lot of time to react against a salvo... at long range, it's the opposite! Under 9 if you're against a broadside target, you're devastating (AP + torp @6km). I had a game this WEwhere i fought against a baltimore and a fubuki. Torped the DD (he was at maybe 4KM) and dodge hers, while devastating the baltimore with AP. They both were bad (balti should have wreck me), but it was a good feeling with the Yorck, which is not often... The yorck isn't that bad, but it is definetely not good.
  7. I didn't find this one in another post so sorry if this was already mentioned : http://wows-numbers.com/ I like that you can have the detailed stats for your last session (per ship).
  8. I have a few battles with the mogami and doing ok with it (it's my highest avg dmg CA). From my point of view, the 6 inch guns are way better than the 8 inch. The ROF is compensating for the lack of raw power, especially against DDs... and CAs with AP at close range. the higher numbers of guns also allows for more devastating salvoes against CAs (i think i had an 8 citadels salvo against an ibuki once, close range of course). Against BBs, it's HE Spam between 10 to 15 km range (and usually having 6-7k dmg salvoes) and trying to survive because BBs at that range and tier.... AP salvoes can also be effective at close range but by then they usually wreck you. You can use it to invisifre but i think it isn't very effective at these kind of range (i use the C hull without the skill). If i had the skill, i'll invisfire (1 point to go ;)) as it is at a range where i am effective (not so much at 15km+).
  9. i didn't keep any ship for now (because i need the money!). but it would be : 1/2/3. nope. none of the ships in these tiers suited me so... 4. kuma. She's a fun ship and with some experience, very effective. Good guns, good torps... a keeper. 5. all ships (except the US DD). played all, and they are all very good! even the premiums at this tier are good! 6. nurnberg, the AP is just awesome on this ship! 7. myoko and Kiev. 8. Mogami and Benson. The benson is the best DD i've played so far. You can play it as a gunboat, or a torpedo boat. It's very agile, have good concealment (thanks to the tier 8 module), good guns, good torps.
  10. so 2 battles i had this morning. the first one : bad MM (3 tier 10 in the red team, none in ours, but 2 DDs for us and none with them). In the end, we won. The carry is done by the DDs (just an honest game for me) : And the second one is a mogami game (nothing to add to that ;)) :
  11. so i just tried the post hotfix version, and it seems more balanced now (not a big samples 6 games all high tier). Citadels are back but harder to obtain. BBs can defend themselves so we can tank again! and cruisers, if played properly, are competitive. so far i like it.
  12. The patch will be released tomorrow on EU : http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/cbt/patch-alert-0511 scheduled for the 13th of november between 4:00 and 5:30 AM as usual.
  13. Wargaming has been reactive on this issue. Good thing for once.
  14. I've tried that line yesterday. Free 'Xped to the Koenigsberg and it is a fun little ship! The AP shell is incredibly effective. I had a 95K dmg game using only AP against all targets (except DDs)! More effective against BBs than HE. This ship is great. I've noticed the odd turret behavior but it wasn't an inconvenient in battle. The only downside to this ship is the engine and steering (non) resistance to HE... I think last stand is a good skill for this cruiser. Can't wait to see what's next on the line.
  15. I had time to play with the new patch yesterday... got into a few games with BBs (NC and Nagto) and... no more BBs for me. Not my favorite gameplay as i 'd rather play cruiser but i had some quite nice games before with BBs. Now? being eaten by fire from an aoba and a york less thean 10 km away while i do 2.5k dmg on average per salvo is not fun. so no more BBs for now. Switch to cruisers (that's a gameplay i like) i tried my new mogami (just unlocked it)... WTF? doing 5-8k per salvo to a colorado but nothing to an iowa? same with the NO? i was doing more damage with AP against higher tier BBs... so back to low tier with the koenigsberg (really fun ship). Another thing i've noticed. I've been one shotted by a BB (30k dmg) while angled and trying to dodge his shots in my NO while at 12 km from him. And on the next game, i've made a big mistake, finding myself broadside next to a fuso and... nothing (maybe 1-2k dmg)? so now the meta is to just sail broadside to a BB and to survive? just play stupidly and win? No way. I also had some citadels from weird angle... So yes, before high tier cruisers were hard to play but it was challenging. Today, it's just dumb. I've read a lot on this patch since then. And i truly hope that it will be fixed because this version of the game is not enjoyable at all. i'll play Fallout 4 until it's fixed (if ever). PS : sorry for the rant but i had to let it out.
  16. Todayas I need some credits to get the Nagato. I play some premiums (tirpiz and murmansk). The result? well, I have the credits but ... this is my WE so far :
  17. This one leaves me speechless : I'm in front taking and doing damage for the team. On points and kills, the 2 teams are even. 2 ennemies in the cap, i'm the only one that goes back, stop the cap. Meanwhile my team falls 1 by 1 without even scoring a kill. I'm left alone burning with maybe 2000 HP, Damage control on cooldown, no more repair party... and then end of game. I survived (don't know how, with the beating i took). I tried but sometimes it is not enough.
  18. That was a good day for the myoko with this highlight : This is a weird WE as i've seen good teams, good teamwork, good games. Today had a lot of very good games. Have fun guys!
  19. I like the ship. The guns, for this tier, are good. Good ROF, Good accuracy. But damage seems lacking. The few games i had were around 200 hits and the end result was disappointing. it seems that the ship is very prone to HE damage and modules are fragile. I've had my engine hit twice in a row in a battle where i was retreating (I was on the wrong side of the lemming train ). Didn't last long after that. I've not been hit to the citadel yet and AP hits on me were mostly overpen. Armor is not good but it is true of all tier 5 cruiser. Good ship overall. fun to play. But to carry a game, i'd rather have the US or IJN ones.
  20. Fuso in all her greatness. Be it a loss or a win, i can pull this sort of thing (even when bottom tier) : And the repair bill for tier 8? well 20000 credits for 7 damage taken (this was a 70k + loss by cap):
  21. So... just unlock the myoko. my first game (a win) was ok. Got the feel of the ship, the second was really, really good. I love the myoko. The Pensacola was a pain, this thing will be awesome to grind!
  22. For French CVs, if we include paper ship, you have the bearn, Joffre-class and the project to convert Jean-Bart to a CV (some studies exists) plus all US and britsh lease just after WW2. Maybe not to tier 10 but at least 7/8. I like the idea of an "Allied" tech tree with ships from other navies (Polish, Dutch, etc.) that actively participate on both WW.
  23. Again, thanks guys for the tips. I applied it this WE and had much better games with it! including a 100k game (but still a loss...) With all that, the mutsuki isn't a terrible DD. Not much a minekaze but a good DD!
  24. DDs got concealment to work with and BBs their firepower. CAs is the only class that require a strong teamplay to be relevant (wolfpack). I had a few games this WE where it happens but a lot more where it is not... Currently at tier 8 USN, and it begins to be painfull. I agree on the HP buff. I've seen the tier 10 german cruiser on action this sunday and it has a respectable HP pool (more than 50 K), and in the hands of a competent player, it can really do some good damage...
  25. Thanks guys, i'll try to use the guns and stick with the main group. I've noticed during several games Mutsuki drivers being in front of a main group but it doesn't seem "natural"... I generally use USN DDs as DD hunter and IJN DD as "lone wolf" stealth torp annoyance to BBs (and CV hunter but games with a cv is becoming a rarity). Last question about the 4th slot for equipment. I use stearing gears modification 2 but thinking about switching it to the one allowing 20% more acceleration as DDs are already very nimble... What do you think of that?
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