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  1. First game in the LHMTV. I like this tank way better than the Setter. I free xp'd the top turret and gun but carry nothing but standard ammo as its pen is higher than most scouts gold rounds. The top gun lets you do meaningful damage and you go dark waiting to reload. Rinse, repeat.
  2. Yeah, true. Plus I only played 36 total games in the Setter and I got mostly open maps with better than average teams overall. I'm sure that the numbers would go down if I played 100 games in it.
  3. Ok, I just ground through the Setter and it felt pretty shitty but lets look at the actual numbers. Here is my average combined damage/assistance stats with tier 7 lights. Of course some of this is messed up due to some of these tanks being played before the great light tank rebalancing. T71 CMCD - 1863 LTG - 1641 T71 DA - 1559 Setter - 1419 WZ-131 - 1397 AMX 13 75 - 1273 My AMX 13 75 stats are lower because I haven't played that tank in years and am much better now than I was then. And while my WZ-131 stats are a bit lower than the Setter, I'd still rat
  4. guys like this is why xvm needs to be removed from the game- cthulhu_hunter (7:11:26 PM) nice fuking cheats lt_lolcat (7:19:08 PM) you want the replay? cthulhu_hunter (7:20:30 PM) nope 2 minutes later after i actually take a look at the end game stats to try to find out why this idiot is bothering me- lt_lolcat (7:20:49 PM) lmao, you complain but you actually killed yourself? hahahahahahahah cthulhu_hunter (7:21:04 PM) yep cthulhu_hunter (7:21:16 PM) too fucking rigged cthulhu_hunter (7:21:22 PM) so i noffed myself
  5. I really didn't enjoy the tier 6. The poor mobility killed it for me. The tier 7 on the other hand is really, really good.
  6. Yeah, I started noticing being surprised in nearly every game by either not being spotted when I thought I would be or getting camo sniped from unusual positions. So I started playing my E25 again to see and it is damn near invincible. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  7. Well, with my crew and set up it has a 466m view range which is like 20m better than what I have in the LTTB or WZ-132. It is also easier to drive and has better gun handling than either of those two. I mainly just find it more comfortable to play.
  8. Bulldog is still my fav at tier 8. It's super fast and has a decent gun. It's not the monster it once was but it's the best all around scout at its tier. My other keepers are the LTTB and the WZ-132.
  9. I want to like it but I just find it frustrating to play due to the lack of any kind of tutorial or solo missions. I have no idea how to fly a plane or why my team wins or loses or how to react to planes attacking me. Otherwise, it's great.
  10. You would think that at some point this will seriously begin to hurt their bottom line as people realize that there is no point anymore to buying tier 8 premiums. About the only one I continue to play is the Skorpion because it doesn't care what tier it is shooting at. It's hard to grind silver when most of your games are bottom tier.
  11. I finally got 3 moe on the VK1602, but the marks are too small to see. sigh...
  12. I bought this today because tier 6 is my sweet spot and love the Cromwell B and Rudy. This is a great tank. You can bully people with its armor and it mobility isn't too bad. Already had a 3k damage game in it. http://wotreplays.com/site/3557099#highway-lt_lolcat-m4a3e8_thunderbolt_vii
  13. Yep, I sold my FV304 as it is now useless for doing personal missions.
  14. Now it becomes a worse T-34. No thanks. I guess I'll be moving my Crusader crew over to a Sherman III or something now. So much for ever having a British scout tank line.
  15. My god this tank is horrible. It's basically a slow centurion 1 with worse dpm. It's completely useless if you can't find a perfect spot on a hill to peak over. It can't even effectively hull down on level ground behind cover. Is there any reason why I shouldn't dump this entire fucking useless line and retire my heavy crew to the Tog?
  16. On Track is coming up next month and I'm only about 100k xp away.
  17. Every team today has been retarded. This is going to be a real struggle.
  18. I just got this tank and I am in love. I was able to free xp the turret and engine and I find the (ridiculously) long 88 to be very workable. With it, this tank is like a fast JT88 with a turret and is a tracking machine.
  19. just saw this- Garbad Reviews the T-25 Pilot https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/607inl/garbad_reviews_the_t25_pilot/
  20. I'm shocked that I can't find a thread on this bit of news- https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/5zldru/considering_a_comeback_anyone_interested_in/
  21. I finished grinding this the other day. It's a fun tank with the 75mm but it gets screwed by being tier 7. I think half of my games were tier 9. With its excellent speed and tiny gun, it feels and plays like a scout with bad camo. It's not as good as the Comet though. All of the Swede tanks I've played so far could use a buff. I hope the heavys are worth the effort I've put into this.
  22. I turn it on when I get bored with the other modes and play it for about a month before I get pissed off and turn it off again. Assault requires a lot more team work and for people to actually have a clue at how to win than random teams can usually provide. That said, if you are grinding things like tank destroyers or arty - turn it on. Assault is great for both.
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