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  1. Mrdonnie1

    FCM Playstyle?

    yeah what shifty said I made a post like this yesterday which I apparently don't need anymore because I somehow mastered this tank overnight and got a moe this morning XD but its legit support only playing it like a heavy gets you killed asap and playing it like a med is generally still to up in your face play it more like a passive scout in medium positions with a gun that recks everything
  2. Mrdonnie1

    Pref 8 toon

  3. Mrdonnie1

    Mini wot tanks

    holy yes.. just yes
  4. add for pref 8 med 50 t
  5. this game hates me so much i just want to smash my computer but if I do I cant play with my tonks :( tonker probs

    1. KruggWulf


      I've gotten inches from ramming my fist through the screen multiple times. I understand the struggle <3

  6. Im looking for someone to platoon pref 8 such as 50 t or Tier 9 meds 

  7. yes senpai and do you know any more of the strimers who play the 50 t?
  8. Mrdonnie1

    Pref 8 toon

    Um looking for anyone interested in platooning some pref 8's I got the fcm 50 t and need to grind a crap ton of credits and I should be on about all day everyday from 1-2 PM when I wake up to 4-5 AM when I go to sleep if you cant find my ign name somehow its Mrdonnie1 and as you see below are my stats (gone down cuz i suck at 50 t)
  9. 1. Im looking for a new clan want to join rel-a but im still a baddie 2. did it just now 3. found guy in esprt to mentor me 4. irl friends are frickin stupid 5. found it and did just now thanks you
  10. I fire no prem unless needed to pen during a clutch moment... I really dont know how to treat it since the only meds I played were more of flexing passive agressive id say (Russian Meds). try not to rely on armor either way doesnt work out for me where do I find pref 8 toon mates? is there any other prem like the russian med lines?? ok I have all the rest but optics will put them on now
  11. So I bought the fcm 50 t to grind credits to buy the obj 140 and a few of my other tanks back because everyone said its the best credit grinder ever but i'm only averaging 20k a game which is sub par in this tank because I know it can put in work but i'm apparently doing something seriously wrong .
  12. Looking for someone to platoon my Tier 9 med with ... I got a 50 t if you want to play that too yo
  13. Mrdonnie1

    [NA] Looking for grinding tier 9

    I can platoon of course im only a greenie so you might not want to but im fairly good at the T-54