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  1. I was the infamous Diatomix. The game worth my time? Or is it World of Warships level trash?
  2. Im sold. I spent my weekend getting away from populated space
  3. looking at getting my first decent ship. Asp explorer. yay neigh?
  4. Did Auto Aim + update? If so whats a reliable link 

  5. looking for somebody to grind past t20 to perishing for me. I hate anything not tier 8+ i will pay. DOnt care if youre shit either 

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    2. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund


      i do well in the e2, but completey fuck myself t20. no idea


      Going to t29 from e2 

    3. canadiantrex


      freeXP the 90mm. 

      How the fuck do you not have the t29 unlocked yet?

    4. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund


      sold my main account ages ago. this is my backup i made in 2011 

  6. Send me a message Weapons_Grade_Autism I only silent toon
  7. Anyone want to grind the t20/ m4e2 for me? Ill pay. 


    I cant stand lower tiers and im at the end of my rope. Beginning to think its not worth getting e5 if i have to trudge through sub tier 6/7 bullshit 

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    2. Sgtturret17


      T20 or T29?  cuz the T20 leads to the patton...

    3. Gr1nch_1


      Free exp and buy gold with the cash?

    4. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund


      id like both but once somebody gets to tier 8 on it i can grind the rest without raging out 

  8. Which DF you guys talking about. About 10,000 on steam
  9. Im too lazy to grind for e5 on this account. 120 bucks to grind it for me. Preferably play shitty for free xvm camo. week deadline. Pm me

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    2. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund
    3. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      pretty sure for 125 you could just free xp it

      also whoever wants to grind tier 6-10 in a week for 125 needs to find better things to do lol

    4. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund


      tons of 16 yearold kids


  10. well my dad gave me a small loan of a million dollars. Could happen to you too!
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