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  1. Did Auto Aim + update? If so whats a reliable link 

  2. looking for somebody to grind past t20 to perishing for me. I hate anything not tier 8+ i will pay. DOnt care if youre shit either 

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    2. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund


      i do well in the e2, but completey fuck myself t20. no idea


      Going to t29 from e2 

    3. canadiantrex


      freeXP the 90mm. 

      How the fuck do you not have the t29 unlocked yet?

    4. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund


      sold my main account ages ago. this is my backup i made in 2011 

  3. Anyone want to grind the t20/ m4e2 for me? Ill pay. 


    I cant stand lower tiers and im at the end of my rope. Beginning to think its not worth getting e5 if i have to trudge through sub tier 6/7 bullshit 

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    2. Sgtturret17


      T20 or T29?  cuz the T20 leads to the patton...

    3. Gr1nch_1


      Free exp and buy gold with the cash?

    4. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund


      id like both but once somebody gets to tier 8 on it i can grind the rest without raging out 

  4. Im too lazy to grind for e5 on this account. 120 bucks to grind it for me. Preferably play shitty for free xvm camo. week deadline. Pm me

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    2. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund
    3. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      pretty sure for 125 you could just free xp it

      also whoever wants to grind tier 6-10 in a week for 125 needs to find better things to do lol

    4. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund


      tons of 16 yearold kids


  5. WHY THE FUCK is the t28 prot  so hard for me to snapshot pen in anything equal tier? And why is it always so RNG godly 

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    2. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund


      apcr 100% untill i get to teir 10. I cant be assed to aim at bullshit


    3. Captain_Rex33


      pen decreases at range and depending on the gun you only have about 30mm pen in excess of T28's effective armor, you're also suffering from apcr normalization to a degree and this all assumes shooting head on.

    4. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund
  6. added you for later. I was tilting so i have to take a break. Will play later 

  7. Fuck it im paying for decent toonmates till i fix my stats. PM me in game Diatomix2


    Full payment after session.



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    2. Siimcy


      Good guy joy, the friendly German :cri: 

    3. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund


      I rather not super unicums. I hate damage queens that dont want to share hp

      but joys a cool guy


    4. Joyrider216


      Have you seen my member title tho :doge: 

  8. Defeat Battle: Live Oaks Vehicles: 113 Experience received: 1,875 Credits earned: 89,318 Battle achievements: Top Gun, High Caliber, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" 


    This game is on planet bullshit

  9. I NEED 2 113 sluts to co slut. 


    PM In gaem:  Diatomix2


  10. Top engine on wz11114 worth it? Im doing fine without it, but does it buff some hidden stats etc? 

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    2. skyf24


      20 extra horsepower, more hitpoints i think? it makes a bit of a difference but if you just want the 113 its not worth it.

    3. RichardNixon


      Big engine module HP buff, 260->360. I don't know if it takes a lot of engine damage though.

      Engine power (relative to stock engine) also has a proportional effect on hull traverse speed, but 580->600 isn't much of a difference.

    4. zippy_the_cat


      Given that the tier 10 isn't exactly a must-have, you should fully upgrade the 111 1/4.

  11. Who wants to make money, and tank somebody's stats for free xvm camo? let me know! 

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    2. UglyBigD


      pretty sure carbon still plays (albeit while socking). I really have no idea though

    3. ZXrage


      pls gibb account, I'll happily tank your stats for you :^)

    4. Medjed


      Grinding tanks and playing poorly isn't really the best combo....If you just suicide every match it would take you fkn ages to grind something out

  12. Anyone for m41 90 toons?

  13. Is playing a account made in 2011 with low battles re-rolling?

    1. Medjed


      ofc it is...everybody knows only battle count is a true measure of a reroll or not

    2. dashnog


      Yes, you filthy violet stett pedder.

    3. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund
  14. How the fuck do you tolerate grinding non peak hours? add me for toons

  15. Amazon sent fallout 4 early.... whee

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    2. Zezti


      I'm not jealous...

      I'm not jealous...

      I'm not jealous...


      I'm jealous.

    3. westybig


      you better be fucking lying :kjugh:


    4. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund
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