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  1. My peni5 is longer than 147 cm. Get on my level.
  2. wrong link sorry! lemme find it EDIT : http://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2015-Triumph-Rocket-III-X-115080448 Apparently I cant copy paste worth a shit, Fixed first post.
  3. I used to ride a few years ago. After dropping a sport bike at 60 due to some lady pulling out in front of me I was scared to ride. Now, after much inner masturbational focus, I was feeling about getting another nice cruiser (fuck sport bikes) Anyone own a Triumph? Been looking at this http://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2015-Triumph-Rocket-III-X-115080448 Any tips/ Suggestions? I weigh 180 freedom lbs. And am Asian. If that matters.
  4. I pretty much listen to "A state of trance" Pod cast + stream
  5. Anyone play this on ps4? I have no choice deployed over here but to play it on ps4
  6. Don't go military. But if you do, Quality of life in the USAF is kinda nice. But, its like kindergarten with all the butt hurt flung around 247
  7. When every beats headset/in near/over ear has shown to boost bass to stupid levels and cause distortion and unclear sound IM The jackass.
  8. I know what it is. You made me angry. So keyboard smashing smilie gif was perfect.
  9. Stopped taking your opinions into any sort of consideration right there. Beats are utter shit across the board.
  10. Audio Technica ATH-50X with amplifier. It has a flat EQ but its great.
  11. I used it before. I tanked my stats for that day using it. Its cool, but hurts my eyes after a while. Neat gimmick that's about it
  12. In monetary meaning yes bad value, but in smiles it far exceeds the 970. And that, my friend, is worth more than it in itself
  13. Damn shame im deployed. Id have a drink with you in Atlanta otherwise. Go to the Bergarten near the aquarium trust me its legit and good
  14. so he can drop 3 ish pounds by taking a giant shit/colon cleanse (via homosexual plunging, or pharmaceutical blowout)
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