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  1. kek. She must be a lower class Asian. Such as; the Chinese. Ps, the middle east has no redeeming features. Endless white and brown. Is AW for me? Example : I played the vk3002DB AP only for 600 battles just for the challenge/ is-6 Ap only as well for about 1k. AW offer anything of the sort?
  2. I dont always choose american. But when i do i choose M48. I prefer them to my RU mid trio because of the 390 average dmg. And, it doesnt have squinty eye acc like the stb1. I play not to get hit in mediums, so the armor point is moot to me.
  3. Hey, I had a recent match on El_Homo where I genuinely had a moment where I don't think I could of done more, but was told via PM I could of done a ton more. Im under the impression the waffle could of done something more (eat a few shots? Not sure) I was wondering if a purple could watch it and point some things out for me. I've been hemorrhaging wn8 since deploying overseas and coming back and sucking ass. If this is posted in the wrong section, sorry! Thanks, here is the link http://wotreplays.com/uploader/Eggs_Benedict_Cumberbund/id/389007/version/38,37,36,35,34,32,31,30,29,28,27,2
  4. Arty is a integral part of WoT. Critical to producing game winning plays, and pushing the field. Making sure people don't camp. Don't be like that. /s
  5. Oh come on, just because its not perfect storm conditions to farm dem dmgs youre going to sad face McGee it?
  6. so what its one match. not like you get prov everytime
  7. If youre a good enough player you can foresee where you need to be and if you need to flex back early. Youre just scared its not meta, admit it
  8. Its easy to maintain 58-65% in it.... don't know why you guys are so :*(
  9. Looking for 2 platoon mates to Tog Tuesday every Tuesday. 55+ preferred. thx
  10. Tank is slow, no armor. The turret isn't as useful as you think due to low agility. Cant create bounces Depression isn't good enough to abuse mantle. Hull too cumbersome/long Gun is nice although. And gets decent MM. Wrecks face in tier 7s/Does ok on tier 8s where it can use 2nd line shit/Does marginal on tier 9s. Not worth 50 bucks. I got it for 30. Its not even worth 30.
  11. Dropped 300 wn8 and steady dropping. I cant play mediums well due to lag and lights are unplayable, have to heavy tank it up usually 15 fps-25-30 fps tops
  12. I prefer Revell and pro modeler myself. Tamiya isnt bad either. Sometimes Tamiya's molds suck, so you can get messed up pieces. Just call the number and they will send you a new one free of charge usually. Starting out, i suggest bigger. Will be easier to paint and put together. And remember, take your time. Im in the military, and build models on my deployment to burn time. Good choice. But, dont expect to take them back with you.
  13. So... is this thread about taking HYT and changing from a dude to a chick, and the operations required? I am confused.
  14. Tanks great, bob back and forth at maximum traverse angle bounce stuff. 10/10
  15. I only remember a few names. Mc8smileyface, chenkie, and wassermelone that's about it Only discovered wot labs like a few days ago. 10/10
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