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  1. ~Nice, Easy, and Tremendously Tight~ Okay now lets be honest here. This game is at an all time low of popularity, and an extreme inducer of high blood pressure. How can you reduce these negative aspects you ask? I mean we can't help with either of those, really... we can't... nobody can. So I'm just gonna skip to the point. I'm gonna want to do strongholds a bit once we have players and what not, but for the time being justhang out in our dead teamspeak, play other games, and jerk eachother off. If you are a fan of /pol/ or /b/, or even /gif/, we
  2. -Chunky, yet Funky- Funk Uncles Genuinely Loving Youngsters What is FUGLY? FUGLY is a clan that will be based around strongholds, as well as casual platooning. We have people in our teamspeak that are willing to platoon at almost any time, so if you aren't quite sure about joining the clan yet feel free to stop by the teamspeak just How can I benefit from joining? It's a relaxed atmosphere, so you don't have to be 100% dedicated, but you do still have to be active within the clan. You will get vast experience in Strongholds, Tourneys, and might
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