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  1. ~Nice, Easy, and Tremendously Tight~ Okay now lets be honest here. This game is at an all time low of popularity, and an extreme inducer of high blood pressure. How can you reduce these negative aspects you ask? I mean we can't help with either of those, really... we can't... nobody can. So I'm just gonna skip to the point. I'm gonna want to do strongholds a bit once we have players and what not, but for the time being justhang out in our dead teamspeak, play other games, and jerk eachother off. If you are a fan of /pol/ or /b/, or even /gif/, we may just get along fine. Really though, casual clan, looking for people who are of a decent stat and decently handicapped at the game who just want to hang out, have fun, and play some casual tanks. We also have slack for an even better memeshare between clammates Requirements will be as follows: Requirements to join: 2000+ Recent WN8 58%+ Recent Winrate Be in Teamspeak as much as possible Viable Stronghold tanks (for when we eventually get there) Ability to laugh at others' pity Watch porn regularly Some exceptions may be made to those who are able to take down Shia Lebeouf's "he will not divide us" flag Contact Info: Recruitment Contact: SkimpyLawnChair, RNGarbage Complaints Department: Shizuo_Chan Teamspeak IP:fuglytonks.teamspeak3.com
  2. -Chunky, yet Funky- Funk Uncles Genuinely Loving Youngsters What is FUGLY? FUGLY is a clan that will be based around strongholds, as well as casual platooning. We have people in our teamspeak that are willing to platoon at almost any time, so if you aren't quite sure about joining the clan yet feel free to stop by the teamspeak just How can I benefit from joining? It's a relaxed atmosphere, so you don't have to be 100% dedicated, but you do still have to be active within the clan. You will get vast experience in Strongholds, Tourneys, and might even pick up a few tips and tricks from some experienced players. If you are currently someone who is trying to improve your game whether it's in pub battle platoons or strongholds, there should always be someone there to help you out in that department. How do I apply for the clan? Please message SkimpyLawnChair or Gendo__Ikari (with two underscores) either in game, or right here on the forums, or else stop by our TeamSpeak 3 Server (IP will be listed below). Are there any clan rules I should know about before joining? The atmosphere within FUGLY is pretty relaxed, so really there isn't, other than you must meet all of the clans requirements. You'll be fine within the clan as long as you are on teamspeak as much as possible and get along with everyone fine. In order to really get a sense of what we are about, try to get into some stronghold battles with us. To do this, just message a clan officer saying you are interested in hearing what we are about and they'll be able to notify you the next time we have a clan event going on. Clan Requirements: 1700+ Recent WN8 56%+ Recent Winrate 2+ Viable Tier 6 Fastbois 2+ Viable Tier 8 Tanks 3+ Days per week activity Also, Teamspeak 3 will be a requirement to have downloaded, as well as be online TS3 as much as possible while in-game. Any complaints about the clan, or members within the clan can be handed straight to SkimpyLawnChair. Recruitment Contacts: SkimpyLawnChair, Gendo__Ikari Teamspeak3 IP Address: fuglytonks.teamspeak3.com
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