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  1. "What else will be changed for arty? Besides being able to play in platoons, aiming will be even better. " Better? Like better than clicking on a map?
  2. This tank is so broken, I love it. Ace tanker is an absurdly good game in it.
  3. Alex5978

    Object 252U

    Anyone else get the WG survey in game about this tank?
  4. I know this is an ancient thread, but I just read it and it's helped me quite a bit. I took a year off the game and recently came back. I was blue recent, but I realized my meager stats had been propped up by tier 8's and I was horrible at tier 10. I have played almost nothing but 9-10 over the last month or so and it has been rough. I've recently resolved myself to being at least decent in the T-62a. It was my most played 10 and my worst played. I have been doing something very very wrong. I've never played russian meds well, and tier 10 has been magnifying my limitations. I've decided to dedicate my WoT time to playing the 62a and figuring it out. 40 games ago I was 35% and 800wn8. I'm still not much better, (39% and 1000wn8) but at least feeling like I am beginning to understand this tank. My session last night was 9-4 and over 1900 wn8, so very good for me. Threads like this one have been a big help, thank you to those that wrote it.
  5. Alex5978

    Object 252U

    Ace tanker seems to be pretty high too. I had a high damage (don't remember exactly) Top Gun and was only good for 1st class. A lot of people are putting up numbers in this tank
  6. Baby you make we wish I had three hands....
  7. Thanks. I agree, it'll be a good learning experience. I play way too aggressive most of the time and this tank punishes reckless aggression.
  8. I rage sold this turd after two games a long time ago. Just bought it back and played 3 games, still terrible. I can deal with the aim time and depression. It's really the module damage that's infuriating. Following the advice here, I need to be much more passive.
  9. My 30 day just went over 1800 for the first time.  Slow but steady improvement.

    My win rate is still stagnate, I really need to focus on winning more.

    1. Britzz


      Focus on winning and the other stats will come with it! Keep it up, we all started somewhere :)

  10. I like this. I hate arty as much as anyone, but I do think it has a place in the game. Getting shit on randomly is infuriating and this really limits that. Just eliminating arty will initially free up the game, but I think it'll drive many of the same tards that play arty to big alpha td's. Campers gonna camp. Additionally, eliminating arty would require a total rework of the maps. I don't think anyone has faith in WG getting this right.
  11. Westfield - 27 Pearl River - 28 Karelia - 29 Live Oaks - 30 Lakeville - 4-3=1 I had lost most of my hate for this map, then I had a tier 10 match last night where my whole team pushed valley. Malinovka - 37 Murovanka - 32 Port - 28 Province - 25 Redshire - 37 Ruinberg - 13 Fisherman's Bay - 4 Northwest - 32 Steppes - 37 Serene Coast - 27 Swamp - 9 Widepark 18 Cliff - 22 Fjords - 18 Himmelsdorf - 36 Dragon Ridge - 29 Ensk - 13 - 3=10 Too small and just not fun South Coast - 31 Overlord - 19 + 1 = 20 I've been enjoying this one lately. As long as my team stays off the damn beach Arctic Region - 24 Sand River - 8 -3 = 5 No idea how to play this, none. Particularly annoying when your whole team climbs that hill in the corner and sits there. Pilsen - 16
  12. It's quite difficult to own an automatic rifle legally. And I agree with Tuco, hopefully no one is attacking. But if they were, I'm not interested in a fair fight.
  13. I started building a few years ago. I've built a bunch of AK's and AR's. Currently putting together an Uzi, a PP3-43 and a SBR AR. I have a few AK kits around too still. Saiga-12 I modded, this is my home defense gun. Hangs over my bed. A few other random pics I have from gun broker ads. Ishapore Enfield. Indian made Enfield in .308. I sold this one, I actually want another though. Saiga 20, sold this for a nice profit. Mags were so hard to get. 20 gauge ammo is expensive and I have a Saiga 12 WASR .223. I originally got this in a trade for some FAL parts. Worst AK I've ever owned. Factory was a single stack 10 round mag. I converted it to take 30 round Weiger mags. Sold it because I hated it. Nagant Carbine - Kinda want this one back too. The less common of the Nagant carbines, fun to shoot for about 5 minutes. The huge fireball out the muzzle is interesting to your neighbors at indoor ranges.
  14. If you don't like playing the TVP so much, skip it. It's a game, it should be fun. If you want to learn and get better, take the advice.
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