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  1. "What else will be changed for arty? Besides being able to play in platoons, aiming will be even better. " Better? Like better than clicking on a map?
  2. This tank is so broken, I love it. Ace tanker is an absurdly good game in it.
  3. Anyone else get the WG survey in game about this tank?
  4. I know this is an ancient thread, but I just read it and it's helped me quite a bit. I took a year off the game and recently came back. I was blue recent, but I realized my meager stats had been propped up by tier 8's and I was horrible at tier 10. I have played almost nothing but 9-10 over the last month or so and it has been rough. I've recently resolved myself to being at least decent in the T-62a. It was my most played 10 and my worst played. I have been doing something very very wrong. I've never played russian meds well, and tier 10 has been magnifying my limitations.
  5. Ace tanker seems to be pretty high too. I had a high damage (don't remember exactly) Top Gun and was only good for 1st class. A lot of people are putting up numbers in this tank
  6. Baby you make we wish I had three hands....
  7. Thanks. I agree, it'll be a good learning experience. I play way too aggressive most of the time and this tank punishes reckless aggression.
  8. I rage sold this turd after two games a long time ago. Just bought it back and played 3 games, still terrible. I can deal with the aim time and depression. It's really the module damage that's infuriating. Following the advice here, I need to be much more passive.
  9. My 30 day just went over 1800 for the first time.  Slow but steady improvement.

    My win rate is still stagnate, I really need to focus on winning more.

    1. Britzz


      Focus on winning and the other stats will come with it! Keep it up, we all started somewhere :)

  10. I like this. I hate arty as much as anyone, but I do think it has a place in the game. Getting shit on randomly is infuriating and this really limits that. Just eliminating arty will initially free up the game, but I think it'll drive many of the same tards that play arty to big alpha td's. Campers gonna camp. Additionally, eliminating arty would require a total rework of the maps. I don't think anyone has faith in WG getting this right.
  11. Westfield - 27 Pearl River - 28 Karelia - 29 Live Oaks - 30 Lakeville - 4-3=1 I had lost most of my hate for this map, then I had a tier 10 match last night where my whole team pushed valley. Malinovka - 37 Murovanka - 32 Port - 28 Province - 25 Redshire - 37 Ruinberg - 13 Fisherman's Bay - 4 Northwest - 32 Steppes - 37 Serene Coast - 27 Swamp - 9 Widepark 18 Cliff - 22 Fjords - 18 Himmelsdorf - 36 Dragon Ridge - 29 Ensk - 13 - 3=10 Too small and just not fun South Coast - 31 Overlord - 19 + 1 = 20 I've been enjoying this one lately. As long as my team s
  12. It's quite difficult to own an automatic rifle legally. And I agree with Tuco, hopefully no one is attacking. But if they were, I'm not interested in a fair fight.
  13. I started building a few years ago. I've built a bunch of AK's and AR's. Currently putting together an Uzi, a PP3-43 and a SBR AR. I have a few AK kits around too still. Saiga-12 I modded, this is my home defense gun. Hangs over my bed. A few other random pics I have from gun broker ads. Ishapore Enfield. Indian made Enfield in .308. I sold this one, I actually want another though. Saiga 20, sold this for a nice profit. Mags were so hard to get. 20 gauge ammo is expensive and I have a Saiga 12 WASR .223. I originally got this in a
  14. If you don't like playing the TVP so much, skip it. It's a game, it should be fun. If you want to learn and get better, take the advice.
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