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  1. Glad I haven't played this game in two years. Sounds like a disaster with all the OP tanks.
  2. So I'm perma chat banned! Don't know why. I had the swear filter on so it's not for cursing. I guess calling someone a 'coward' is harassment now. Bunch of sensitive pussies. That includes WG moderators. WG must've hired SJW's from Twitter. Oh well. Game is fucked anyway. Time to move on.

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    2. hazzgar


      The chat ban system is getting really crazy  and everyone is getting banned but pushing people results in bans only if someone sends replay to WG and then it reaches the one WG employee with over 1 brain cell.


      but wg doesn't care really. I know one wg insider and he tells me they decided to milk the players and not really try to make it live longer. 

    3. kolni


      a lot of people get banned for calling players animals, technically not bad language but the severity is apparently bannable


      if you put the time frame of the game where the pushing happens, or record it into a video so you can just embed it in the ticket makes it much more likely to result in bans because it takes much less time to verify, 3/4 times it works for me if the pushing really is intentional

      sometimes the support staff say it's not possible to tell whether it's intentional or not (lag spike at the exact moment etc) but if it's repeated in the same game i have never not gotten the player banned

    4. hazzgar


      @kolni yeah but somehow you need to do your job for support for pushing but chat bans are super easy.

  3. WG's theme: If it's not broke, break it.
  4. After a 2 year absence, it's hard to play against all these hull down monsters with the 430U. I totally lost my mojo.

    1. Snoregasm2


      Yeah it's off-meta right now. I 3 marked it 6 months or so ago and, whilst it can still do well bacuse of it's stupid armour profile and fuck you HEAT pen, it really struggle against hull down tanks that know what they're doing. Also, nearly every new tank nowaways has good gun dep, and you realise how limiting Russian gun dep is when you drive to you're favourite spots and can't poke. 

    2. lavawing


      if you'd told me 2 years ago that the 430U would be off meta in 2 years' time, I would have politely asked you to take your meds and kindly fuck off

      as it is now, it feels like a frustrating version of the E50M with a touch more bully potential. still better than the 121 - but again - what isn't?

  5. Finally unlocked the Standard B. Would I do it injustice if I equip it the same way as the Pantera? Vert/Optics/Turbo? I love the speed of the Pantera & the ability to flex on the fly. What goes with this tank and the new meta?

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    2. crapcannon


      I see what you mean. Dispersion goes from .33 to .37. So much for higher tiers getting better.

      Edit: on tank.gg when I use Chrome for dispersion values for the Standard B one .35, when I use Firefox it's .37?


    3. simba90


      Check to see whether using Base values or Effective Values is flagged in the options parts.

      Effective means the crew skill will influence the final value.

    4. crapcannon


      Ok thanks. That being said grinding this tank stock is rough facing tier X.

  6. For every 'chat ban' I get I don't support WG. They want to chat ban me every time some muppet reports me for telling scouts who camp behind me to go F themselves, two can play that game. For every chat ban WG gives me in days, I won't support WG in any monetary support to them (buying tanks, gold, premium, etc) in months. So now that I'm chat banned for 4 days, no monetary support will be given to WG in 4 months. Fuck em. Nothings changed after a two year hiatus. WG supports the shitlords.

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    2. TheTrojanWarrior


      And for this reason, because the majority of our player base is totally toddlers and definitely not boomers, we must chat ban you.

    3. crapcannon


      Here's my latest chat ban log. Bunch of fucking sensitive pussies.

      crapcannon    08.02.2021 3:23    was an easy win by this BC has to be retarded
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 0:29    are our scouts retarded?
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 3:29    its sunday night retard night
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 0:46    get on the base idiot
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 0:43    yeah because arty was all over me and left me with 50 hp idiot
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 20:57    idiots on the beach
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 2:03    why what's it gonna do. WG doesn't give a shit
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 2:02    we could have lived if the shitters behind me weren't camping
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 20:24    lol idiots going to drown
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 3:20    idiots
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 3:24    i hate sundays. all the retards come out to play high tiers
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 2:38    the Ferdinand is a complete shitter expect nothing from him
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 1:18    you're in a op TD asking for help with a T95 at your side. idiot
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 1:46    all the retards come out

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      just turn chat off, having it on brings you absolutely zero utility

      can't get chat banned if there's no chat logs to report


      or you could like, try not living up to your name and post more constructive things in chat occasionally


      but i personally vote for turning chat off cause i understand how hard it is sometimes to just not call someone a retard

  7. Well no sooner than unlocking the top turret which gives you 3 shots, I had no freaking idea, I end up getting Ace and Top Gun. Now I feel like an idiot lol. I did swap out vents for optics though. I still have the stock engine too. Running Optics/Vert/Turbo.
  8. I take that back. Comparing this to the Pregetto 46, this tank is trash. I'm praying the tier 9 is better when I free XP past this POS.
  9. I gave the Progetto 46 a turbo with BIA and it became a whole different tank. I'll be doing the same with the Pantera when I'm done with the P43 ter grind. And it's already 5 mph faster and a better power to weight ratio. So I'll be running vert/optics/turbo with the Pantera.
  10. I gave this thing a turbo in place of vert stabilizer. Worst idea ever.
  11. This tank is so slow that if you allow it up there in the first place you deserve it.
  12. I just lost 6 in a row playing the Skorpion which brings me to a ~39% win rate. This tank is cursed.

    1. sohojacques


      I got it as a free rental in March last year. Played two games in it. Penned two shots in each game despite constantly firing. It was the fuck you from RNG I needed to take a break from the game. Haven’t played since.

    2. crapcannon


      After a 2 year hiatus I bought this tank for only 1000 gold and got back into WoT. After 80+ games with this tank I lost 22 WN8 points! I'm thinking of jumping back into my E75 for about 50 games and murdering the shit out of everyone just to get my points back.

  13. Ugh. This is sad to hear. Currently grinding the Italian meds just to get to the heavies. Maybe I'll just grind the Polish line instead.
  14. 40% win rate in the Skorp lol. Just out of curiosity, does the German TD line have better mobility & turret rotation?

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    2. crapcannon


      Your opinion on equipping it? rammer, binocs, gld?

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Havnt played it since before equipment rework, but I'd probably put rammer, IRM, and whatever else you like

    4. dustygator


      German TD line plays more like the SU-130PM than the Skorpion: disappointing mobility but great camo makes them a support tank, albeit one that clean up better end-game than most casemates.

      Skorp has very bad bloom values (despite good final accuracy/aim-time), no armor and a tall profile. Playing aggressively in early-game gets punished when anyone can auto-aim snapshot you on the move (with HE even) and you liable to dig up worms with your return fire.

      I suspect most would run IRM + Rammer + Optics/Turbo/Vents. Haven't had a chance to test out the third slot myself, been waiting for an equipment sale.

  15. Gave my Mutz and Progetto 46 turbos. Expensive mods but man can I harass the crap out of tanks so much better now! Wonder of 105 Octane stacks...

    1. Assassin7


      It should stack, since food stacks with vents etc

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