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  1. Arty is fucking much worse in this update! Can't even drive a fucking heavy more than 20 meters without 3 arty shitting on you!

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    2. Greatspank


      months of sandboxing and years of tweaking the broken mechanic, this is the end result.:nanodoge::MingLee::PogChamp::trump:

    3. ArrogantWorms


      Heavies have been parked. Which is a shame, the Type5 and pZ7 are a lot of fun. Literally just playing fast, paper tanks with good camo.


      And the French prem arty

    4. SaintLaurentius


      I dunno man, I'm gonna miss the drunk triple T92 AP platoons. Or just triple shoot superheavies with HE for the sake of balance...

      I might have think of another activity to do when I'm drunk at home....

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