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  1. Just played 14 solopub games after work in the Lowe, used 2 hour credit booster & the only good thing about it is I made 700,000 credits. The rest, 36% win rate, 1100 WN8, all but 2 games tier X. Gotta love Sundays! 

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    2. hazzgar


      @DirtyACE7 200m/s faster shell should help but I get it. Patriot has mediocre gun stats for t8. The only really horrible bloom is on tank traverse and that's the least important since rarely you shoot while turning the hull (it's either moving or moving turret). Lowe has similar bloom to e5 but better final acc and real bloom is related to final acc so that still should be better. 

      Still you should not compare anything to the KR since it gets t10 RU med handling levels. It pays for it with everything. Turret is unreliable, pen is low, shell is slow, 

    3. DirtyACE7


      @hazzgar I actually manage to work around the lesser pen and shell speed of the KR. It really makes up (in my opinion of course) for all those deficiencies with the gun handling and decent mobility. And the turret feels fine most of the time too. As I said, I have three marked it. The tank simply works for me. The E5 on the other hand feels like a cross-eyed, retarded bigger brother.

    4. hazzgar


      I never played the e5 so I speak from stats but I know I love the Lowe which I also 3 marked. It was a breeze and I'm a potato who crossed 61% recent like 6 months ago

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