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  1. 40% win rate in the Skorp lol. Just out of curiosity, does the German TD line have better mobility & turret rotation?

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    2. crapcannon


      Your opinion on equipping it? rammer, binocs, gld?

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Havnt played it since before equipment rework, but I'd probably put rammer, IRM, and whatever else you like

    4. dustygator


      German TD line plays more like the SU-130PM than the Skorpion: disappointing mobility but great camo makes them a support tank, albeit one that clean up better end-game than most casemates.

      Skorp has very bad bloom values (despite good final accuracy/aim-time), no armor and a tall profile. Playing aggressively in early-game gets punished when anyone can auto-aim snapshot you on the move (with HE even) and you liable to dig up worms with your return fire.

      I suspect most would run IRM + Rammer + Optics/Turbo/Vents. Haven't had a chance to test out the third slot myself, been waiting for an equipment sale.

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