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  1. For every 'chat ban' I get I don't support WG. They want to chat ban me every time some muppet reports me for telling scouts who camp behind me to go F themselves, two can play that game. For every chat ban WG gives me in days, I won't support WG in any monetary support to them (buying tanks, gold, premium, etc) in months. So now that I'm chat banned for 4 days, no monetary support will be given to WG in 4 months. Fuck em. Nothings changed after a two year hiatus. WG supports the shitlords.

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    2. TheTrojanWarrior


      And for this reason, because the majority of our player base is totally toddlers and definitely not boomers, we must chat ban you.

    3. crapcannon


      Here's my latest chat ban log. Bunch of fucking sensitive pussies.

      crapcannon    08.02.2021 3:23    was an easy win by this BC has to be retarded
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 0:29    are our scouts retarded?
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 3:29    its sunday night retard night
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 0:46    get on the base idiot
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 0:43    yeah because arty was all over me and left me with 50 hp idiot
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 20:57    idiots on the beach
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 2:03    why what's it gonna do. WG doesn't give a shit
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 2:02    we could have lived if the shitters behind me weren't camping
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 20:24    lol idiots going to drown
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 3:20    idiots
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 3:24    i hate sundays. all the retards come out to play high tiers
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 2:38    the Ferdinand is a complete shitter expect nothing from him
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 1:18    you're in a op TD asking for help with a T95 at your side. idiot
      crapcannon    08.02.2021 1:46    all the retards come out

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      just turn chat off, having it on brings you absolutely zero utility

      can't get chat banned if there's no chat logs to report


      or you could like, try not living up to your name and post more constructive things in chat occasionally


      but i personally vote for turning chat off cause i understand how hard it is sometimes to just not call someone a retard

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