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  1. For every 'chat ban' I get I don't support WG. They want to chat ban me every time some muppet reports me for telling scouts who camp behind me to go F themselves, two can play that game. For every chat ban WG gives me in days, I won't support WG in any monetary support to them (buying tanks, gold, premium, etc) in months. So now that I'm chat banned for 4 days, no monetary support will be given to WG in 4 months. Fuck em. Nothings changed after a two year hiatus. WG supports the shitlords.

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    2. ZXrage


      I'm not above calling idiots for what they are but when I reach that point i know I should probably stop playing

    3. crapcannon


      @Private_Miros was it one of those ZERO damage players that were calling you a bot? lol

    4. graukatze


      Based on your chat logs of:
      graukatze    20.11.2020 01:53    I FOUND THEIR FUCKING TEAM
      graukatze    22.11.2020 01:05    FUCKING PUSH ICE ROAD
      graukatze    22.11.2020 06:13    all gold... team is retarded...
      graukatze    22.11.2020 03:05    what a cunt team
      graukatze    22.11.2020 02:14    time to take a break....retard hour
      For violation of the Game Rules, we have no choice but to give you a chat ban for 2 days.

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