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  1. So I'm perma chat banned! Don't know why. I had the swear filter on so it's not for cursing. I guess calling someone a 'coward' is harassment now. Bunch of sensitive pussies. That includes WG moderators. WG must've hired SJW's from Twitter. Oh well. Game is fucked anyway. Time to move on.

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    2. hazzgar


      The chat ban system is getting really crazy  and everyone is getting banned but pushing people results in bans only if someone sends replay to WG and then it reaches the one WG employee with over 1 brain cell.


      but wg doesn't care really. I know one wg insider and he tells me they decided to milk the players and not really try to make it live longer. 

    3. kolni


      a lot of people get banned for calling players animals, technically not bad language but the severity is apparently bannable


      if you put the time frame of the game where the pushing happens, or record it into a video so you can just embed it in the ticket makes it much more likely to result in bans because it takes much less time to verify, 3/4 times it works for me if the pushing really is intentional

      sometimes the support staff say it's not possible to tell whether it's intentional or not (lag spike at the exact moment etc) but if it's repeated in the same game i have never not gotten the player banned

    4. hazzgar


      @kolni yeah but somehow you need to do your job for support for pushing but chat bans are super easy.

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