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  1. So I'm perma chat banned! Don't know why. I had the swear filter on so it's not for cursing. I guess calling someone a 'coward' is harassment now. Bunch of sensitive pussies. That includes WG moderators. WG must've hired SJW's from Twitter. Oh well. Game is fucked anyway. Time to move on.

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    2. hall0


      wait a sec. just because you have the swear filter on, it doesn´t mean you can´t swear anymore. You can´t read it but you still can write it. 

      "Coward" can´t rly be enough for a chat ban. 
      I mean I am far worse and I am still far away from a perm. 

    3. NightmareMk9


      I got a 4 day ban last week.  But it kinda didn't appear on my account.  I asked WG for the chat log and they didn't respond.

      If "Idiot" counts, them I'm screwed.  Because I use that about 40 times a night.

    4. crapcannon


      They haven't sent me the chat logs this time. It's been a few days. And they closed out the ticket. Previously they advised me to turn on the swear word filter, so I did. I didn't even try to bypass the filter. I used the words 'idiots' and 'cowards' only. I wish I had the game saved because I was yelling at 2 tier X tanks that were at 100% hp and refused to do anything to help the team win at the end of the game and kill the tanks that were one shots.

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