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  1. I gave the Progetto 46 a turbo with BIA and it became a whole different tank. I'll be doing the same with the Pantera when I'm done with the P43 ter grind. And it's already 5 mph faster and a better power to weight ratio. So I'll be running vert/optics/turbo with the Pantera.
  2. I gave this thing a turbo in place of vert stabilizer. Worst idea ever.
  3. This tank is so slow that if you allow it up there in the first place you deserve it.
  4. I just lost 6 in a row playing the Skorpion which brings me to a ~39% win rate. This tank is cursed.

    1. sohojacques


      I got it as a free rental in March last year. Played two games in it. Penned two shots in each game despite constantly firing. It was the fuck you from RNG I needed to take a break from the game. Haven’t played since.

    2. crapcannon


      After a 2 year hiatus I bought this tank for only 1000 gold and got back into WoT. After 80+ games with this tank I lost 22 WN8 points! I'm thinking of jumping back into my E75 for about 50 games and murdering the shit out of everyone just to get my points back.

  5. Ugh. This is sad to hear. Currently grinding the Italian meds just to get to the heavies. Maybe I'll just grind the Polish line instead.
  6. 40% win rate in the Skorp lol. Just out of curiosity, does the German TD line have better mobility & turret rotation?

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    2. crapcannon


      Your opinion on equipping it? rammer, binocs, gld?

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Havnt played it since before equipment rework, but I'd probably put rammer, IRM, and whatever else you like

    4. dustygator


      German TD line plays more like the SU-130PM than the Skorpion: disappointing mobility but great camo makes them a support tank, albeit one that clean up better end-game than most casemates.

      Skorp has very bad bloom values (despite good final accuracy/aim-time), no armor and a tall profile. Playing aggressively in early-game gets punished when anyone can auto-aim snapshot you on the move (with HE even) and you liable to dig up worms with your return fire.

      I suspect most would run IRM + Rammer + Optics/Turbo/Vents. Haven't had a chance to test out the third slot myself, been waiting for an equipment sale.

  7. Gave my Mutz and Progetto 46 turbos. Expensive mods but man can I harass the crap out of tanks so much better now! Wonder of 105 Octane stacks...

    1. Assassin7


      It should stack, since food stacks with vents etc

  8. Back after two years and I'm just playing premium tanks to learn the maps, tanks, and modules while whoring credits.
  9. crapcannon


    Guilty of watching QB once in a while as well. Was going to buy it and give it a turbo but would it stack with 105 Octane?
  10. I'm guessing after 2 years the IS4 is an obsolete brawling tank? Can't even side scrape anymore against some of these tier X heavies. And forget that quad track tank thing . What in the actual fuck is that?!

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    2. CandyVanMan


      Got Obj 260 with my IS-4 sealing the deal with a 20k combined HT-15 game yesterday, 11k damage blocked.

    3. crapcannon


      Got the replay for that one? I need all the help I can get. Thanks


    4. CandyVanMan


      Sorry, I don't currently have replays enabled :retard:

  11. 3 weeks back after a 2 year hiatus and I feel like Stevie Wonder looking for the bathroom in a corn maze. I have no idea where I'm going with these new maps and arty players are like "ooh look a blue IS4 out in the open! Let's shit on it!" I'm getting killed out there.

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    2. Assassin7


      Annominyser has drastically reduced the arty focus I get. Is great.




    3. crapcannon


      Awesome! Much appreciated!

    4. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 same here. Also much fewer bat chats going yolo just to kill that evil purpel 

  12. Was thinking of experimenting with grousers on the LTG. Might come in handy on certain maps where I could get in an early scouting spot real fast. Love this tank but I would like to get more mobility out of it.

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      I put TC, optics, LNES on it, seems to work. Camo is ELC levels.

    2. crapcannon


      Thanks. Yeah it's amazing how close you can get without getting spotted.

  13. I had no idea this was a new feature till I saw it here! Thanks for the heads up!
  14. I hear ya. I was looking for a QX9770 for my old socket 775 system. Still a stupid amount of $$ for a cpu that came out in 2008. So I settled for a Q9650 for $60. It's all good. Shit happens.
  15. If you're looking for new then that's a totally different story.
  16. One of the mods just replaced it. But to make a long story short your current system is quite capable of playing modern games in 1440k. I was suggesting, if you could get one for a reasonable price, a 4790k and as someone else suggested more RAM. If you are patient you could probably get both for less than $250.
  17. Really? We're deleting people's posts now and posting nonsense in it's place? Is this what this forum has come down to?
  18. It's sad they stopped at the 4790k with the socket 1150 boards because it was a very capable one. Before my son took the 1150 system with him I would overclock the 4770k to 4.7 Ghz with the GTX 780 and it had no problems playing WoT on the 1440k monitor at high settings. (Edit: I had a very good chip that would overclock very well and I didn't even de-lid it.) Buy a 4970k from a reputable buyer, overclock it, and call it a day till you're ready to go for a new ryzen/3080/4k. This is just my opinion though as I'm waiting to score a 3090 for a new system since I have nothing but a laptop to play on now. Restored your post ~Assassin7
  19. Someone on here 3 marked a Type 5 a few years ago. Don't remember who it was. And the Progetto was nerfed? Been gone for 2 years. What did they do to it?
  20. 10,000 cuda cores. Potentially 2x the speed of a 2080ti. Let the price gouging begin. IF you can find one. That being said, I'm going to wait till 4k gaming monitors come standard with HDMI 2.1
  21. Yeah that's one thing I never forgot to do.
  22. Just came back after a 2 year hiatus. Have not encountered Pearl River yet. Is there a link to all the current maps that are being used? I came back when I heard you can ban 1-2 maps. So I banned Ensk.
  23. I came back to play WoT after two years just to block Ensk. Now I just have to learn how to play again....
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