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  1. If your willing, I really could use some help breaking out the slump I am in.. I have been playing outside if my comfort zone (Td's and Heavys) and trying to refine my medium and light game. So far I am at the point where I do really really well, or a complete face plant. no in between
  2. I was watching his twitch stream last night, absolutely loved watching him circle jerk a T-54 with the new T8 Brit TD. Shamfur
  3. Debating writing a "my first impression" post about the EU servers

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    2. Mekata


      yeah, it was ugly. yolo derp was in full effect

    3. TheEmptyLord


      How is the Holiday period on the NA server? Would any impression of that be representative?

      If no, don't post that stuff about EU.

    4. Mekata


      I don't hold mouth breathers against the "server". All in all my impression has been positive even with the holiday.

  4. Hey everyone, second time posting in here. Since I've decided to permanently relocate myself to the EU servers, I thought I would say hello again. please ignore the stats, I despise low tiers and I don't do well there.... too damn chaotic.
  5. @ hall0 I didn't have time to check the platoon chat last night, was grinding on my EU account. T1/2 on EU is nuts pedotankers everywhere.
  6. Is there a way to verify your forum account to both EU and NA?

    1. Kitten


      No, gotta pick one

    2. TheEmptyLord


      that could be a goal for Nevers patreon...

    3. Mekata
  7. Hello everyone, I was thinking of making a account on the EU server. Can a I get a quick rundown on the game play differences from someone who has played on both?
  8. I don't know, I usually solo. But it would be interesting to know
  9. Ive actually turned off the in game chat, I can still ping the map et al. But it does save me from going full loco when Baddy McBadBad starts sperging in chat. Edited to add - Since I have turned it off I have noticed a surprising uptick in wn8
  10. caught my first automated system ban for offing a fail platoon .... I feel like I have passed a important right of passage
    1. Shade421


      today I learned that if you put quotes around a link in status update, it's no longer click-able.

    2. Mekata


      well, looks like I just learned the same lesson.

  11. or my favorite, you get ammo racked and the loader is dead, repair both, then get ammo racked again by the same jackass firing HE from the E-75 top gun (@ panther 2)..... Bastard
  12. First off, if this post is in the wrong place I apologize upfront. I was wondering when a player catches a ban from a support ticket, or the report tickets reaching a certain threshold like in xensation's case. Does the ban start ticking down as soon as the switch is thrown, or does the ban start at the players next attempted log in. Thanks in advance for satisfying my curiosity.
  13. Personality: INTJ Variant: Assertive Role: Analyst
  14. +1 reps to all of those who responded, thank you all for the advice and I will try to implement it into my gameplay tonight. Also, I guess I will replay some SPG I tried when I was a nooblet. 0
  15. Hello everyone, Any players out there willing to give tips for avoiding arty on the "open" maps. Specifically Malinovka Hill, Prokhorovka in general, and Redshire South Spawn, Heavy Corner. I recently unlocked the E75 and have found that I have become more of an arty magnet than usual. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. 0
  16. Wow, Thanks everyone for the quick response.
  17. Does anyone know how to modify the NA WOT client to allow connections to the EU servers from the drop down menu?
  18. Mods Please Remove duplicate post For your reading pleasure http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/07/15/storm-announces-spotting-changes/ and http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/07/15/15-7-2014/#more-14420 Short version - No more disappearing tanks in the middle of the open ground Per tick spot checks at all ranges View range become a circle, not a square (old news) End of gun barrel becoming a spot point. (as i read it this is for bush camo checks. The end of the barrel must be 15m behind the bush to retain camo value) Discuss
  19. Considering that, with that attitude. He has most likely never actually seen one up close and personal.
  20. Edit Ninja'd http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/22/independence-day-weekend2014/
  21. If your willing to take a green bean out, count me in. I will be coming off a month hiatus this weekend so expect few many full retard moments.
  22. With PSU's remember that their advertised wattage is peak, not "cruising power" - Go here http://support.asus.com/powersupply.aspx and enter your components, and it will give you an estimate of your minimum required power supply. I usually take that number and add half again. So for your machine 750 watts
  23. Gotta love it when they make fireworks, but yeah it could be the PSU. My first instinct is to check/hope for the things that can be fixed without spending cold hard cash. Hence the software first
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