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  1. From a sample today of 10 battles , i was only ammo racked once today .Cant say that for the 113 . WZ has less than a sec reload more than 113 but i think the gun handling is better on WZ . Frontal gun depression is way better than 113 . 113 sides -7 front -5 , WZ -7 all around and trust me it makes a difference . I find the turret bouncier on WZ , hull down you can bounce them all day , Mobility wise they almost have the same Power per ton WZ is 5 tons heavier but has 100 hit points less if i remember right. All in All not really any big differences to say one is better than the
  2. Im liking this tank more and more finding less of a need to spam gold . KV1's are tough to pen and AT2'S well very hard lol
  3. So no one has hands on experience with it . Well i bought it and have no regrets . Aim time is not a handicap with this tank you dont have to wait when your inside the 250 m range just fire fire fire and spam gold
  4. Anyone have hands on experience on WG latest , i for one think WG deceived me when it shows 60kph in its stats think they should have said it did 30 to 40 on different terrains. So post up the good and the bad And if you can recommend how to use this tank it would be appreciated.
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