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  1. Thanks Biggie, I’ll look into that. Right now I have all the cruiser lines sitting at tier 4 or 5 so I’ll just move up in that order and see what shakes out. As for the Cleveland, I ended up in a lot of tier 7 games and although I hit plenty of targets, I started very few fires. And with the shell arc on the Cleveland I figured I’d start more fires, not less, than the other American cruisers. When you’ve hit the target 90 something times and have damage in the 20K range, that’s just disappointing. And that was moving to AP and causing 3 citadels on other cruisers. I know this isn’t norm
  2. I have tried a few more games in this ship, trying to use all the suggestions here. I have decided that this ship is just a slow, paper armor gimmicky ship that I'll never learn to play. I've tried everything and still can't pull out a good game. Even my best games are on the low end/bad games I pulled off in the Phoenix and Omaha. So apparently the one suggestion I should have listened to, and didn't, is the correct one for me. Thanks How_Terrible. Sorry I doubted you.
  3. Thanks HT but I still have to grind through it.
  4. Tried the same thing Super with the T-29. Game play has drastically increased over 3 weeks and it's helped my T-32 and Patriot play also. Unfortunately I can't comment on your choices as I only have about 5 of them, and except for the Patriot or IS3, I wouldn't recommend focusing on any of the ones we share in common.
  5. I read through the other post about the Cleveland, but needed more help on how to use the current version of the Cleveland. I did at or slightly above average with the St. Louis, the Phoenix and the Omaha and then hit the Cleveland and it's like it's a different class of ship. I've been compensating for the slow speed of the artillery round but still doing very low damage and not really contributing. So any help in what I can do to improve my game with it would be appreciated. I know I only have a few games in it, but I'm so far off course I don't want to continue to be no help to my team
  6. Enjoyed reading your opening and qualifications. Well written and entertaining. Good luck with the clan.
  7. If you're looking to become a better tanker in a laid back atmosphere, pop into our teamspeak and check us out.
  8. Looking forward to it. My KV-2 is in the shop getting it's 5K service now, so it's all fresh and ready. :-)
  9. Hey Hans. I’m surprised to see that you believe we are inactive and I’m sorry you didn’t come to an officer within the clan with your concerns. I haven’t seen you in game in quite some time, haven’t ever seen you in Monday night training's and it shows you haven’t visited the Minion site since May of 2016. In fact, had it not been for this post, I wouldn’t even know you were still playing, so I guess you play at vastly different times then most of the members. So inactivity is relative to what you are looking for and when you’re looking for it. By your stats, you could probably move up into M-
  10. Welcomed 6 new recruits this week. Will you be #1 for next week? Stop by our site for more info http://m--m.enjin.com
  11. Not part of this clan but I've visited a few times. Their teamspeak is more fun than WOT is. Great group of guys, have a lot of fun and are damn good at tanks. What more can I say, if you meet their requirements, you've found the best clan out there.
  12. Started here about as new, and red, as a player can be. In fact I was so misinformed about this game I was probably infrared. Hopefully someone gets that. Anyway, M-I-T helped me understand the game and how to play it. With the Monday night training M-I-T has, mentoring and platooning from some of the M--M folk and the instruction and guidance from our unicum visitors, my game-play has increased immensely. I need to also send a shout out to Hanz, who dedicates time to watch and analyze tapes with me and occasionally carries me through a platoon. So if you're looking for a clan to mak
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