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  1. Although the run has been great, my time with 5LINE has come to an end.
  2. Yo dudes let us clam down XD Check my E5, STBae, and 140 (pre wn8 nerf). Patton was my first X as a pubby, T57 just haven't had good games/figured it out in my first 30 games. Just a looking for a clan thread friendos. No need to have arguments
  3. Well, time to sell myself on the internet... again lol. I'm an all around chill guy. Love to platoon, SH and CW. I'm active a lot, so any expectations for nightly CW, I can meet (IRL stuff might hop in the way, I'm on the West Coast ^_^). I'm not toxic, yet I love running toxic strats/tanks Skills: Revive Otherwise Dead Clans ^^^Recruitment^^^ Calling/Map Experience Forcefeeding I can also do magical things like photoshop stuffs Tanks: Tier X: Russian Mediums (140, 62A, 907), STBae-1, E5, T57 Currently Grinding: Batchat, TVP, E100 Tier VII
  4. The clan is ALMOST full!!! Apply today before it's too late!
  5. Bumperions Or something like that I guess. APPLY TODAY AT www.o7mort.com
  6. A lovable bump, this is. (Finally watching Rogue 1)
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