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  1. Apparently 5.6k and another 1.3k spotting on Studzianki isnt enough for a Mastery. What the hell have people been doing in this thing? Did mark it though.
  2. Finally joined the club on Xmas day after getting 6.5k in my Obj 268 v4 for TD15. Not even thinking of trying for the Obj 260 after that grind.
  3. Why are they using these fake tanks when their is an abundance of British LT designs out there that are vastly more interesting? Ferret, Dingo, Humber, Saladin, Fox, Scimitar, Scorpion etc etc Heck they could even do a British wheeled LT line.
  4. Cancer confirmed. HT everywhere, gold spam everywhere, arty everywhere. Reminds me why I play mostly at T9. Last match last night was the final straw - north spawn on Prok I was the only person to go hill whilst the entire team sat on the 1 line camping and screaming at me for not spotting.......
  5. I agree, its shitty and 100% doesnt net enough points to justify the effort.
  6. I did it in an STRV S1 on Karelia south spawn, west side and abused the shit out of the camo rating shooting the HT coming round the corner.
  7. I have found a good way of destroying 5. If you have capped up to E but F hasn't yet been capped, you can usually get along the bridge in the NE corner of E and get behind the spawn of the defenders of F. More than once I have had a free run to 5 on my own and destroyed it before the defenders at F have noticed and even if they do notice the distance is so great that in anything with decent alpha you can take it out before they get to you. Did it twice yesterday in my 50/100. Wan to try the same method for 2 or 1 but not had the right chance yet.
  8. And I have been corrected back down to 54% WR in it.....EU post Xmas seems to have more shitters than ever. No explanation why....
  9. I really like it - not a large amount of games in it but sitting at around 65%WR. Strangely, my Progetto is at 46%WR. Maybe the two will even out but just can't seem to do as well in the Progetto which makes zero sense. Perhaps it being a tad quicker allows me to get shot quicker? Who knows. Good tank anyway.
  10. I had exactly the situation of the OP. In 75 boxes got around 36k gold, 2.4m credits 40 days or so premium time. I also got the T26E5 twice and a Skorp G. Only noticed half an hour later that one of the E5 had been replaced by the Type 59. Damn happy with all that TBH.
  11. This thing is cancer at the moment on EU - T6 seeing hordes of them spoiling T6 even more
  12. Its a great game just crashes a lot but suspect thats more to do with my shitbarn PC than anything else.
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