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  1. Not entirely unrelated but thought I would ask.  How does rerolling your name/account affect your orders for campaigns?  Reason being there are several orders I could get back but retrieving them with the secondary conditions now is near impossible as opposed to just doing them normally?  be careful what you use your orders on I suppose.......I don't imagine its possible but thought I would ask.

  2. Noticed that there didn't appear to be a thread for this.  I am still working toward my 1st MOE in it.  63/64% WR after around 200 games.  I really like it, plays more like a TD than a medium.  Running Vents, Stab and Optics with a 5 skill crew from my Bourrasque that I switch about.  How does everyone else play it?

  3. On 6/19/2020 at 12:49 PM, 3MAJ86 said:

    I have the same problem as well. In sniper mode the camera goes maximum up in the air, and it costed me a lot couple of times. 


    Just to note, I use always shift key, i disabled the mouse scroll option to enter sniper mode. Maybe when scrolling this doesn't happen?

    Same with me - I use Shift too

  4. 27 minutes ago, ZXrage said:

    When you say up in the air do you mean all the way up or a little ways up above where you originally aimed? If it's the latter it's because your 3rd person and 1st person views aren't the same, so when you zoom out where you point is a little above where you're usually looking in first person. It's kind of hard to explain why it desyncs but basically what you're pointing at from a bird's eye view is different from what you're pointing at in sniper mode.

    This can be easily fixed with locking your gun with RMB so when you zoom in and out it's the same no matter what you're pointing at.

     No, its massively up in the air.  Nice tip about locking the gun though, thanks

  5. Something that has bugged me for ages but not asked before, often when I switch out of sniper view then back into it no matter where I had been pointing my gun the blooming sniper view is up in the air, making reacquiring targets take longer.  I use x16 and x25 as well if thats a factor.  Any idea whats going on anyone?  Or is it that I need to be more careful with my mouse movements? Seems to happen too frequently to be mouse related

  6. 2 hours ago, Kymrel said:

    I didn't find it that good in FL. Gun is a bit too derpy for all the long-range engagements and unless you fire gold all those heavies will give you troubles, even side on (hello Defender). My main issue with it, however, is the awful turning speed. Since I play a lot of light tanks in FL (and Progetto, I'm not an idiot) it feels even more sluggish in comparison. Since I have only one decent French medium crew I'm keeping that in the Lorraine for that last minute clip late in game to snag General.

    Good idea, might pop the crew into the 40T to at least get the training benefit from FL

  7. Out of interest what is everyone running in it? I think I am upto 57% WR or so after 120 games just marked it (MOE reqts on EU for it are quite high due to it being played a lot currently) I am running food, Vents, Optics and Stabs.  No ELC, I think Vents is the better overall option.  I really really like it, derpy gun and all.  Even against T10 I dont feel at a disadvantage, though I am running all Gold with 4 HE just in case.


  8. I have it and have played it for around 60 games, I really enjoy it.  The gun is trash but as I am running vents and food I don't really notice the aim time on it.  What is more frustrating is getting spotted in it when sat still in bush not shooting which tends to happen a lot.  Might be my play but I doubt it.  Also, for some reason it seems to get a LOT of damaged turrets, probably because the turret is fooking massive.  Gun elevation is PITA as well.  But by and large I think its a balanced fun tank

  9. Cancer confirmed.  HT everywhere, gold spam everywhere, arty everywhere.  Reminds me why I play mostly at T9.  Last match last night was the final straw - north spawn on Prok I was the only person to go hill whilst the entire team sat on the 1 line camping and screaming at me for not spotting.......

  10. On 8/29/2018 at 1:39 PM, DirtyACE7 said:

    I cannot seem to complete the T-55A TD mission where you have to do 4 times more damage than your HP. I got the SU-100 as per recommendation for this mission but this tank is so awful mainly because the gun is beyond trash. Fully aimed shots not penning or even hitting at all a lot of the time. And you can't play it like an assault gun as it has no armor or the HP to do it. What do I do?


    I did it in an STRV S1 on Karelia south spawn, west side and abused the shit out of the camo rating shooting the HT coming round the corner.

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