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  1. Cheers Xena, would never have thought of it in those terms.
  2. Now, I am running Vents, Optics and VStab on this and sitting at 2k DPG which for a scrub like me is good, also 55%WR, which again is good for me. My crew are working on 2nd skills. I have 6th and Recon on Commander who is working on number 3. Snap Shot, Stowage and Clutch are the others I think. Now, do I train up for BiA and ditch the Vents or run food instead of AFE. The reason I am asking is I always inevitably derp at least 1 shot into the ground in front of targets and feel this may help a little. Heck, even maybe drop Vents for GLD? Thoughts?
  3. Ok I really suck at this map, I cannot get it at all in my soft mediums. My T62a doesnt have the depression to peek avoid ridges, my AMX30 does but I seemingly get outspot by every fucker in the game. Please help as its driving me nuts.
  4. Its a solid 6/10 to be honest. I havent got a decent crew on it yet so may push it upto a 7. As with anything its all subjective....
  5. I skipped all the way to T7. Nice mobility but not astounding, no armour, normal rounds are shite at anything above T7 but the gold rounds get 250mm which helps a lot. I like it. Going to skip the T8 straight to the T9
  6. Have they stealth nerfed the gun? I had a bounce with GOLD on a FCM50T from the side of the turret.........
  7. Ok, I am seriously beginning to love this tank. Currently sat at 59% WR in it, which for a scrub like me is pretty damn good. It feels like a Tier X, the pen is great the bloom is manageable though I still DERP shots occasionally. I do far better in it than in my T62A which really puzzles me given the T62A has better armour and a better gun, I think its the alpha that makes the difference together with the little thing at the back of my mind saying "The Armour is shit, stay back and take your time" which I have tried unsuccessfully on the T62A.
  8. I love my Chi Ha - good pen, really mobile, no armour though
  9. Oh its undeniably shit but undeniably good fun 1 game in 10 I find. If only it had a little more pen...
  10. Turret rotation and bloom I am struggling with. Gun derps a lot I find.
  11. I typed it in Word at work to look like I was doing something constructive hence Times New Roman......
  12. I am in a T62A as my first Tier X and enjoy it immensely if not having an astounding WR. I am finding Tier X hard to adjust to. I am a complete master of my Ke Ho and Chi Ha though!! If only there was a Tier X that had no armour and a really fast reloading high pen gun....
  13. Hello, my name is EvilMonkee, and I am a recovering Tomato A little bit of background. I started playing WoT literally years ago, never got past Tier 7 in my Jagd Panther, got atrociously bored of the grind and gave up. I failed to understand even the most basic of concepts related to the game, thought 40% WR was decent and had never heard of WN8. Having returned to the game and played it a lot more over the last month I am determined to improve and hence find myself lurking here. I now get frustrated by artillery, gold spammers and idiots going Valley, I guess my convers
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