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    EvilMonkee reacted to DrWeb7_1 in "New" Pearl River Thoughts?   
    Same applies to Windstorm, in my opinion. That was a decent map that got scrapped after update 1.0/0.9.23.
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    EvilMonkee reacted to SaintLaurentius in Short and Sweet Pro Tips   
    Even more so when 9.15 hits and you can have x25 zoom. You can actually unbind the shift-key from the settings as well. Nothing is more distracting than having a close brawl and having forgot to change the zoom from x25. That shit is so confusing to my brain.....
    That being said, I've played combined (10k NA, 5k EU) 15k battles with shift, we'll see if I ever change my ways.
    My "pro" tip:
    Don't use XVM, treat every opponent like they are equally dangerous. Sometimes tomatoes pull stuff you didnt expect them to, resulting in you losing HP or the whole tank. Especially win chance on the XVM is cancer, pubbies throw games just cos mod tells them there's no hope.
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    EvilMonkee reacted to Rexxie in New Tech Tree Tank Rebalance (140/E50M/121 ect.)   
    ...but why the 140? I get why the E-50M and 121 line is getting changes, but the 140 seems thrown in there at random. It doesn't need buffs? Why does the UFP suddenly need to be just enough that every T10 standard round will randomly bounce off it half the time. It already has good winrate. Why not the 62A or K-91? Are they throwing darts at a board?
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    EvilMonkee reacted to Archaic_One in Unconventional WoT Opinions 3   
    I don't play much anymore, but the few times I recently played I realized why I don't like the game as much as I did a few years ago.  There aren't enough tanks in the games, as in *tanks*.  I distinctly remember a recent game with 7 TDs and 3 arty on each team.  5 actual tanks per team, and luckily there weren't any wheelies in that game. 
    The bush-wookie meta has arisen for a lot of reasons that you guys probably understand far better than me, but at the root of it I like playing tanks, actual tanks (mostly medium tanks) and right now it seems like most players just want to hide in a bush and chuck giant HE and HESH rounds and anything that dares to get spotted.
    I'm sure Kolni can exploit the shit out of this meta and farm 4k dpg from those bushes all day, but for a hyper-aggro pubby like me that just wants to drive to the middle of the map and brawl, the game isn't very fun right now. 
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    EvilMonkee reacted to flare_phoenix in Unconventional WoT Opinions 3   
    e100 big gun is still better after small gun buffs
    arty stun > getting oneshot
    m48 was legit op after the turret buff for a bit (it isn't now)
    old stb > new stb
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    EvilMonkee reacted to Ogopogo in Unconventional WoT Opinions 3   
    While the effects of the boosters, rewards, blueprints, and missions are all appreciated, it is a bloody mess that can be at times hard to navigate and feels very gimmicky. I would rather they simply increased the experience and credit gain and have a more straightforward "bonus" system than the layer upon layer upon layer of convoluted mess.
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    EvilMonkee reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in Unconventional WoT Opinions 3   
    introduction of the non-pref premium era was a mistake
    tier 8 premiums should have always remained slightly worse versions of their tech tree counterparts. 
    CW/Reward tanks of any kind were a mistake, especially above tier 8.   
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    EvilMonkee reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Unconventional WoT Opinions 3   
    That first Unconventional Opinion topic is so old Garbad's posts are still sane.
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    EvilMonkee reacted to ZXrage in Unconventional WoT Opinions 3   
    I just hate the gun, terribly unreliable unless you're straight up in their face and even then it'll find a way to donk the shot anyway. They nerfed the dispersion values so it's even more unreliable now. 380m viewrange means its harder to reach max VR than same-tier meds, especially since I don't really like running food on it (it buurns). The mobility is a touch worse than contemporary medium tanks but I could deal with that since the armor was good enough.
    I did ok in it when I played it, I just didn't enjoy the experience the entire time I had it. Not to to worry friend it's just RNG-based hate 
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    EvilMonkee reacted to ZXrage in Unconventional WoT Opinions 3   
    The 430 is garbage that can't fight anything in front of it, the nerfs made it even worse
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    EvilMonkee reacted to PityFool in Bourrasque, Tier 8 Premium MT (Marathon)   
    I fucking love this tank. Once you've sweet talked it a bit and got used to what it can and can't do, literally shits all over everything.
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    EvilMonkee got a reaction from Archaic_One in EBR nerfs   
    The on the move accuracy is more of an issue for me than the speed, but I am glad that is getting nerfed.  Just remove them already and we can all go back to whining about arty.
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    EvilMonkee got a reaction from sohojacques in EBR nerfs   
    The on the move accuracy is more of an issue for me than the speed, but I am glad that is getting nerfed.  Just remove them already and we can all go back to whining about arty.
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    EvilMonkee reacted to 3MAJ86 in 1st person camera viewpoint   
    In sniper mode, to the sides of the center of the aiming circle, there are "lines" that look similar to this: ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 
    I try to align those with the ridge line when I am looking at the opponents, and this is a quick way to get a decent hull down, when you don't have time for micro adjustments. 
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    EvilMonkee reacted to Ogopogo in EBR nerfs   
    My take on the whole EBR situation (because IMO its the EBR's that primarily are problem) stem from several things.
    Start by buffing the tier 10 lights so most of them actually feel like actually tier 10 vehicles (and this can mean improving their "medium" tank characteristics too). Even if its perfectly balanced as a tier 10 vehicle, it will be seen as either unbalanced or dominating when the only similar vehicles are notably worse.  Reduce the on the move accuracy. They nearly or feel like a tank that is just as accurate on the move as they have while stationary when playing against them, something that holds true for no other tank in the game. Have a consistent number of wheels-to-destroy-to-immobilize across the line. I'd recommend 4 wheels for complete immobilization (but practically less than that). Wheeled vehicles with more wheels seem significantly harder to effectively immobilize currently than those with fewer wheels Increase how much losing the first wheel degrades the mobility of a wheeled tank, and in general make the initial wheel loses have more of an effect. A single wheel right now can feel more like a slight impediment as opposed to something notable. Reduce mobility slightly, but generally just bring them in line so they play like a slightly more mobile light tank as opposed to something which is relatively removed from other light tanks.
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    EvilMonkee reacted to Assassin7 in EBR nerfs   
    Nah I legit think the EBRs are more broken than arty, and Id legit remove both them and the STRVs before I removed arty if I was running it
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    EvilMonkee reacted to kolni in Unwanted camera shenanigans....   
    Hold RMB while pressing Shift to prevent the re-aim
    This happens when you aim at terrain that is poorly modeled (near corners usually) and zooming out makes it spaz out, turrets with guns mounted elsewhere than dead center get this much more often
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    EvilMonkee got a reaction from ZXrage in Diriz0n's Forum Promotion   
    Having only been relatively recently exposed to his levels of retardation I am going for 00000000000000 as a suitable expression of my shock and disgust
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    EvilMonkee reacted to echo9835 in Strv K (T9 Swedish HT)   
    I think Wargaming has a hat full of asset cards. they pull out a nation card, turret card, gun card, hull card and so on until they make a new tank. Move the slider bars around until the stats seem "reasonable", call the tank "dynamic", make something up about its history, and throw the thing onto supertest as a marketing device.
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    EvilMonkee reacted to Diriz0n in My take on 1st FL month   
    N0 0ne is getting back at any0ne. I believe all y0ur p0sts are ridicul0us, and deserve the reacti0n. If y0u d0 n0t like the wh0le thing, ign0re me. With that in mind, I just have n0t g0tten t0 d0wn v0ting m0re,  pard0n me. In additi0n, I am at a w0rkers camp, the wifi is really p00r. I will get right 0n it, as s00n as I can.
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    EvilMonkee got a reaction from ZXrage in My take on 1st FL month   
    WTF is wrong with your zero key?  Ass
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    EvilMonkee got a reaction from Madner Kami in My take on 1st FL month   
    WTF is wrong with your zero key?  Ass
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    EvilMonkee got a reaction from Private_Miros in My take on 1st FL month   
    WTF is wrong with your zero key?  Ass
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    EvilMonkee reacted to Diriz0n in My take on 1st FL month   
    I c0mpleted FL in 17 battles, 940 avg exp.
    I ranked up with Caern AX, Patri0t, Sk0rp G, Defender, FCM, M41D  (getting capt) as quickly p0ssible, then went ham t0 die, t0 start grinding Bat Chat12T, 0bj 416, T-44, IS3, Indien Pz, VK45A, M41 Bulld0g. That is al0t 0f 8s, frankly the best way t0 grind them 0ut. IS3, a c0mplete pleasure t0 drive, I g0t within 5K fr0m finishing (b0th 257 and T10)  the rest still need a t0nne 0f w0rk. I made 5mill credits, and just spent 12 mill 0n -50% 0ff eqp sale. L0ts 0f recent purchases like TE3, STB1, 0r added prems like Emil 51, Mutz, Senlac, Strv57, 0bj 244 needed eqp.
    I generally d0n't make cash in FL, because I run large first aid/large repair kit 0n all tanks. Bat Chat 12T runs all APCR. T-44 can't pen shit with 122, I run all APCR with 2 HE. M41 can't pen shit, s0 I run all APCR. I st0ckpile b00sters, I never activate them. 
    Things I have n0ticed new in FL, and n0t new.  B0urque is n0 where near as p0werful as l0rraine 0r pr0gett0. Standard pen is l0w, sh00ting fr0m range is t0xic.  0bj 703  II is better than IS3A 0r S0mua.  E75TS,  Renegade, Patri0t, Emil 51 are very str0ng being heavy tanks that can cruise ar0und @ 40km.   Which brings up change, tanks like Caern AX are pr0bably sec0nd rate n0w, n0t because it is sl0w as a heavy as it is n0t, but because it is n0t fast like the previ0us.  0nly reas0n Defender is still great, is because it is still ann0ying as fuck t0 kill and just sits 0n cap eff0rtlessly.  Arta is still real t0xic, dr0p-able c0nsumables are real t0xic, LTs are real t0xic and sh0uld be limited like arta.  TS5 is 0ver rated, Sk0rp G and SU130PM d0 real well, S1 and WZ120G are under rated.  Saw a fair bit 0f CW reward Kreslavsky, IS5, T95 driving ar0und, fucking useless at that. 
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    EvilMonkee reacted to tajj7 in Bourrasque, Tier 8 Premium MT (Marathon)   
    Only played 4 or 5 games in it but I prefer it the Lorraine.  The quick double tap, faster reload, soft stats, small size and camo make it superior IMO to the Lorraine, the Lorraine feels too clunky for the current meta, it feels like a 50b. 
    Getting a quick 720 damage out with like a 20s reload feels far more practical for the current meta than 1300 damage in like 7.5s with like a 35s reload. 
    Games are too short, maps are too congested, tanks are too clumped up, opportunities are too breif for the Lorraine's clip to work IMO, you end up getting a couple of shots in the Lorraine most of the time at best, and then umming and ahhhing about going for the reload and being out the game for 35s or missing out on shots. 
    This thing just makes more sense to me, pop out, blap, blap, retreat, do it again in 20s. 
    Gun handling is a much of muchness, between the two, the Lorraine will be the better sniper of course, but popping out, stopping and aiming at stuff at medium to short the Bourrasque feels better to me, plus it can pseudo scout to a much larger to degree than the much larger, worse camoed Lorraine which feels much more squarely stuck in the support role.
    This thing, despite its clear drawbacks, and potential annoyances, has massive potential IMO. 
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