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  1. My art skills tops out about removing red eye... I wish I could do graphic design. Anyone looking for a clan to do strongholds should give us a look!
  2. One shotted last night by arty... I picture the anti-arty line being like the line in the movie Airplane where they line up to smack the lady freaking out.
  3. The outburts can be entertaining at times! Now we just need some new recruits so we can see how they react to arty harrassment.
  4. Korb3n is easy to deal with. Just mute his mic!
  5. Well hopefully we can cater to the 25%! I'm sure there are a few over 21s around.
  6. SIX is just getting the ball rolling and looking for mature players (21+) who can keep their matchmaker grumblings to themselves while we expand into Strongholds/Tournaments and eventually CW. No drama makes for a happy clan! We are organized, competitive, and experienced but strive for an environment based on humor and enjoyment of the game. A good one liner always outweighs a hull thickness discussion but when the time calls for it, we expect basic knowledge of game mechanics. Individuals are reviewed on a case by case basis but our general stat requirements are: Recent Win8: 1500 Recent WinRate: 54% Viable Clan Wars/Stronghold Tank Check out our site for more details at http://crazy6.enjin.com and visit us on TS at crazy6.enjinvoice.com
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