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  1. Fair enough, I didn't think the conqueror was as good as the 215 either, I was just surprised you thought so much of a 'turd' to give it the same rating.
  2. A slow turd that you somehow rate as as good as a conq and better than the bloody WZ (both 9/10 tanks for me).
  3. To be honest I've never played the ST-I, but almost everything about it screams turd to me. Awful gun handling, the hull armour sucks, and it's pretty damn slow. Looks worse than the E75, which I gave a 4.
  4. VKB, E 75, T-54, and ST-I all criminally overrated.
  5. Clevo do a good range that pack decent components without looking too tacky, I've bought many laptops from their UK retailers, but I think Sager sell them in the US. http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np7255-clevo-n155rd-p-8671.html Here's the sort of thing I'm talking about. You're not really paying for F117 and red light aesthetics, which is a big advantage.
  6. I like the part where when this got posted to Reddit, suddenly the E75 sky-rockets upwards as greens start voting. Ratings for me: 10 | T-10, TVP 9 | WZ 111 1-4, E 50, M46, Conqueror 8 / PTA, Type 61, T54E1, 430 II 7 | T-54, Jagdtiger, 30P, WZ 120 6 | 50 120, Waffle, 7/1, Tortwaas, M103, 704, 122-54 5 | T30, Lorraine 4 | E 75, VKB, Foch, Conway 3 | ST-I 2| Type 4 1| T95 In hind sight my average rating seems to be a 7 when really it should be closer to 5 so I rated lots of stuff too highly, that being said, all my 9s and 10s des
  7. I think everyone has decided there's not much point voting between these two and have just given up.
  8. Soccer is short for Association Football as opposed to American Football, Ruby Football, etc.
  9. Because the E5 is famously able to resist arty fire. It's true that one of the few strengths the E5 has over the 215b is that it's a little less vulnerable to arty.
  10. Basically if you're not confident in your opinion, leave it to people that are. I have been wondering what would be a good requirement to vote on this Probably recent wn8, although that has a lot of problems because baddies can get 4K recent with WZ and T9 pad.
  11. How can you vote on two tanks you've hardly played?
  12. Nah, it's just a running joke in this thread. Seriously though. 215b>E5 if you know how to play it.
  13. FV215b: 3 - #SaveTheFV215b. AMX 50B: 1 - Great HT, but can't carry like the FV/E5, and just isn't as good as the TVP. T110E5: 26 TVP 50/51: 32 M48 Fatton: 19 Edit SORRY PATTON, PLEASE FORGIVE ME MY LOVE <3
  14. Someone is unironically claiming the E75 is better than the E 50. Next someone will claim the type 5 is better than the E 50M.
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