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  1. Hey Guys! I'm looking for a relaxed clan mostly focused around platooning that is sometimes active with strongholds and other events. My Tier 10s Obj. 140 T62A Batchat IS-7 T57 Heavy M48 Patton Thanks!
  2. Hello everybody! I've recently picked World of Tanks up again (used to be a tryhard) but left my clan as it became inactive. I'm looking for a place to chill with people and platoon w/ stronghold rewards as well. I'm looking for a community where I'm not going to be the best player, and can learn from others around me. Tanks: Tier 10 - Batchat 25t, Obj. 140, T57 Heavy, T62A, IS7 Tier 8 - IS3, RU251, AMX 13 90 (Not viable - Pershing, IS6, AMX CDC, FCM 50T, M41 Bulldog) Tier 6 - Cromwell, Skoda T-25, T37 Thanks In game name for message - dstewart17
  3. Then again, trying to work with pubbies is cancer to begin with...
  4. Step one: Stop by AWFUL ts. Step two: See dick in the name of every channel. Step Three: Say "The fuck" and leave
  5. spem the invits bby u heve to kurry me more in teh E50
  6. Not sure how I feel about shitter clans being allowed to take land more easily...
  7. I almost threw up reading the WoT Blitz forums.... All of the people there (besides the lone ESPRT one with any brains) are so stupid it hurts... Yes, WoT Blitz obviously looks better than WoT on pc... obviously.... The controls are far better too...
  8. I love my Cromwell, and want to remind you one of its major disadvantages.... The Goddamn shell velocity! It's really a challenge to snipe with if you aren't used to it... nothing a little apcr isn't good for though
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