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  1. Being teal prevents me from being focused. Ripperoni purple players.
  2. What do you bois use for your optimum reticle setup? The competitive players I've associated with claim that A minimalist reticle works best for them on all levels. This is just a curiosity of mine. If you would be kind enough to show a little screenshot of your settings and the reticle in action it would be much appreciated.
  3. I feel compelled to say shots were fired at me to begin with.
  4. Im actually, Perfectly calm. I was just asking a couple simple question from knowledgeable people on the forums. I didn't ask for people like you to come around and act like douche bags. Feel free to leave, and never come back..
  5. Do battles in the m41 90 get 0 wn8 then, I did a quick test and it shows 1 battle played in the past 24hrs with 0 wn8. This would explain why my recent dropped about 150 points or so.
  6. Alright, Thank you very much.
  7. Is the M41 90 in the WN8 tables yet? I was searching and I could not find it.
  8. I am currently fairly new to the M48A1. I've got 40 games in it at the moment with about 2800 avg damage and about 1.4 avg kills. What would you guys recommend for the optimal equipment and crew skill setup to maximize the effectiveness of this vehicle?
  9. Spam 10's and teach me how to play boys.
  10. Send Toon and We will throw down in a glorious fashion. There will be too much sparkly and boom boom for the pubbies to keep up with
  11. That explains why I went from THIS to my shitty stats
  12. Evening, Looking for a few peeps to spam tens with when I get lonely. Such Thanks Much Wow
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