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  1. I need a new sig. Recommend next pic.

    1. Show previous comments  20 more
    2. MAJEST1C
    3. hallo1994


      Wait a min, Pity didnt gave him 3 hrs to live

    4. jackquerudo


      Who says it's pity

  2. Kiwi.

    The Tap Thread

    Yep I knew was going to get binned.... And yeah will change image.
  3. Kiwi.

    The Tap Thread

    I actually tore out the sink in my kitchen today and kinda got the idea since he posted a fap thread the other day... ah well.
  4. Exactly. They hate the truth.
  5. Post your sexy tap pics here.
  6. horribly in that sentence is redundant. Basically you are awesome.
  7. Don;t even look at the official forums. If you want to lose like 1000 brain cells with one click then go ahead... other than that those forums have no other use,
  8. IS-8 is shit. Can't even sidescrape.
  9. Fuck it. Back to something people can fap to.

    1. Zythalin


      I'm passed that childish stage. I use my imagination when fapping.

    2. Constie


      You seem like a big boy Zythalin

    3. Zythalin


      Big boy equals small mind?

  10. It's steal xen'\s photo day. Join in and now we can't distinguish one another.

  11. You guys bring the best tanks into stronks lol
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