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  1. Strv is a very good tank, basically a T57 Heavy at tier 6. Super easy to rack up damage, at 1400dpg with 25 battles with a stock crew.
  2. Bohan


    I dunno what problem you have with the armour, I bounced almost double the amount you bounce even though I mostly played it when I had blue recents. Best normal Tier 8 heavy dpm plus effective frontal armour when covering the lower plate allows you to murder most other Tier 8s and even higher tiers sometimes. It is especially good at fighting heavies armed with the standard russian 122mm, and armour retains effectiveness against premium rounds because of their lack of normalization. Sure, it suffers a bit at corner fighting, but that is only in comparison to the IS3. Tanks like the Caerna
  3. I am fairly sure that godfather used destructables in tourneys, timing was amazing on some of the pushes they did right after part of my team broke a few fences...
  4. Please, your recent survival rate is 10% higher than mine lol.... And I haven't seen anyone come close to my 9% survival rate on my 260. Actually, its probably more like 0% since Val played a dozen games in it.
  5. There's the thread, my guess is that the smaller the server the faster the meta develops simply due to numbers. 30 players that see a successful southern lemming is a much larger proportion of the NA and ASIA player base than the EU player base.
  6. ASIA server is only as salty as you are kappa. ASIA meta imo revolves around the lemming train as @Kolni noted, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The vast majority of pubbies in high tiers have learnt that it is unsafe to try to hold a flank solo or in small groups, so will frequently turn around and camp at base or support the lemming train on maps with separated flanks. Erlenburg, Fjords, Highway, Murovanka, Ruinburg, Sand River, Sacred Valley, Steppes and Swamp are all maps where this behaviour is quite prevalent. And then there is Live Oaks, where everyone from both teams go to br
  7. What? Not even 4U maths? SHAME!! Anyways, get on my level, did not complete any math past papers, and played tanks the day before 4U exam... P.S. Do you still need to attend fencing training on Wednesdays during your trial period like I had to do?
  8. Thing is, why are you even aiming at the turret face of the Tiger II? Roof is autopen thanks to overmatch you scrub... Second game all I see is you aiming when you should have been snapshooting and snapshooting when you should have been aiming. You had several opportunities to shoot the roof of the T30 but you tried to snipe the cupola instead.....
  9. What about the farmability considering the massive numbers of 4k+ players when compared to ASIA?
  10. http://wotreplays.com/site/2848627#ruinberg-bohan-t110e5 I probably choked pretty badly, but was there anything I could of done considering how RNG screwed me hard at the end?
  11. I simply replace the Fire Extinguisher with food for every one of my tier9-10 tanks besides the 140. I even do it on my 113 now that I am training a firefighting crew, losing 500HP every thirty battles is not a big deal considering its buffs everywhere else. Contrary to expectation, I would argue that more aggression does not automatically mean more chance to be set on fire because of how armour efficiency scales proportionally to spots/game. This means that a player takes a greater percentage of shots to the front of his tank rather than the sides if he plays aggressively than if he pla
  12. Victory Sand River T110E5 Experience received:1,545    Credits earned 83,591    Battle achievements 3 Marks of Excellence, High Caliber, Confederate, Mastery Badge: "II Class" YEESSSS!!! Had a 10k+ game that took me to 93% and got great matchups for the last 2%

    1. no_name_cro


      Nice, I had 94,5% titled hard and didn't give up. Turned out to be horrible mistake.

  13. Scrub, not even 11k . Nice game though, utterly wrecked their mediums in the 1v1s.
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