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  1. I hope not tbh LOL... Here's why most of us cannot quit this crack like addiction. 1) Do you have a replacement ready? 2) Your daily battles played is still fairly high. With people who are ready to quit (I've noticed), their daily games played is in the single digits and their stats look like they don't give a flying fuck anymore. That's the trend that I've noticed at least, among my past friends. I also believe this applies to WotLab folks only, as we are all obsessed with stroking our e-peen. 3) One simply does not quit this game unless Serb allows it. Russian Bias. 4) 9.9 coming out with
  2. {{{{I posted this on World of tanks forums so if you read it there, stop reading. }}} I have been a part of this community since the very beginning. I started during closed beta. (Anyone remember the days of free gold every day?). Haha. Anyways I did not make this post to [edited]about problems, wargaming, etc etc, as many have. It is meant to be a simple goodbye. I have had loads of fun with this game. I have met many amazing people, especially after my long break from the game where after 13k battles I was still 600 wn8 and within a year I was playing at 3k + wn8. Thank you, everyone who
  3. Hi guys, Looking for a very active clan. I am active 6-7 nights a week. I have 7 CW viable tier 10s with good crews. I will also be down to play strongholds, tourney's etc. My overall is terrible. If you want to read the story about that I can link my other post. This is me at 13k battles
  4. This is my original account if you want the TL;DR version: I got better. If you would like to hear what happened read on: I started playing world of tanks in closed beta. A good IRL friend invited me. We played for the lols and when the game went live, I immediately started grinding for the T54 which was the med at the top of the Russian med line( tier 9 was the top tier med back then). I didn't even think about stats. I yoloed, didn't care about anything, I just wanted the T54. I didn't have anyone really to platoon with and I didn't even know "stats" existed. **fast forward 13k battles**
  5. Finally got dat partnership. I guess the chat finally suited the twitch evals. Congrats!!
  6. wow rood helio I like awful players, dont worry So many people so fast...hang on, let me clear out my friendslist for the first time since closed Beta
  7. Hey all, Looking to farm winrates and have fun. I play tier 8-10, (mostly 9s and 10s) Post if you want to add me and I will add you.
  8. Yeah...wish it were possible. However, the majority of our players are inactive and the few active ones dont take anything seriously....
  9. Hey all, Im looking for a regular skirmish team. I can participate every night and am willing to buy tanks.
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