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  1. help your mediums up north or hide in the south east corner of the map. My questions for now, I'm coming back to ask more later. 1. On fishermans bay in a medium I normally try to rush the 6-7 line and get shots off at the heavies going into the town. Are there any tips on how to do this safely without getting shot up by the mediums on the other side. Normally this happens to me on South spawn. 2. On windstorm, has the meta changed to where no one fights in the open area right next to the town and the small hill. It seems like everyone has shifted to just the town and the north now. 3. On Arc
  2. In addition to what this guys ^^^ said, Look at the color/colour scale on the home page of wotlabs. There is a percentile column that should explain why an average player is still going to do so much better than most people. Also due to the NA server being full of both some of the worse and best players that play this game, You being a green player on the NA server would mean that you would be almost purple on the EU server. (The reason quickybaby quit playing his NA account was because he could barley hold a 2.2k wn8 and a only had a 50% win rate.) Although I am not sure of the reason, imo pa
  3. I sent you a message in game right now I'm going to look at all the options to me and pick the community that i like most
  4. Mind if i come on yalls teamspeak. I already know that Phaze was talking to lethal force about going into 3rd however, before i make any decision i would like to get a feel for the community.
  5. I have really low overall stats due to playing 12000 games at 12 FPS and an unstable 400 ping connection. However, I have a setup which can run the game worth a shit, and I am increasing my overall WN8 by 1 every 3 games i play. I currently have a 2.2k recent wn8 right now however I switched my mouse out and now I am logging of at a minimum of 2.2k with highs up to 4k. I have previously ran a clan and have calling experience. Although I prefer to deal with small groups. I am able to play 6 days a week on average. I enjoy doing strongholds and clan wars. Tier 10s: IS-7, E-100, T57 heavy, Object
  6. my e50m is an arty magnate

  7. I would like an account please. I have an idea about breaking down the structure of an effective platoon. Covering the tanks and strategy. I few of my purple buddies taught me a lot but I don't think they are willing to write a whole article, but i would like to help other get better like I did. Sorry if I'm posting too much here.
  8. Given all enemy tanks are full HP. What would be a general rule for what tanks I should be focusing down first. Do I also apply the same thing to clan was as well?
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