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  1. I haven't played in 2 years but I still watch streamers. Every now and then I think maybe I should download and play and I get weird sickly feeling in my stomach that actually stops me. I think this is what recovering drug addicts kind of feel. After reading this I realise I should just keep the game off my computer.
  2. Didn't know about the buff, haven't played in about a year.
  3. people still give a shit about typ59? That tank is so 2013.
  4. Haven't played this game in like a year but this is laughable. https://tanks.gg/compare/leopard-1?t=s-conqueror~obj-140~type-5-heavy Happy I don't give a shit about this game anymore
  5. Anyone know if cable back up? I want to know if I can play pubg FPP in Asia again.
  6. Apparently I can move my account from NA to SEA. Anyone done this before? Also what's the cable like at the moment?
  7. For sure it has but I bet even the guys who own WOT are probably sick of it. They like the money but sick of the community or more importantly sick of trying to second guess what the community will get the shits with. Incidentally I saw QB streaming pubg the other day. I think PUBG is the death of nearly all other genres of game. I am old by gaming standards and I love pubg more than I ever liked WOT. PUBG still lets me get excitement but I can take it at a slower pace. I was top 100 at OCE 3pp for a while when trying hard but eventually got sick of it and started dropping school and poch
  8. I stopped playing 6 months ago... I think, something like that. When I stopped I still had over 250 days premium time left. I thought it would hurt, that feeling like I am wasting money but it actually didn't I was so happy to be rid of this shitty game. WG are in end of life mode with this game.Squeezing every cent out of it while it is still a thing. Even the glorious Russian fan base is starting to move to (believe it or not) games like PUBG. I don't blame WG I would be doing the same thing if I owned this game. When I realised that fact it made quitting easier. I really don't want to be pa
  9. Welcome to wotlabs. It is just a reflection of the WOT in general. Toxic game toxic community. It all comes from WG being toxic to start with. WG is like that hard bit at the bottom of a pimple that makes all the puss. Thank fuck I have finally kicked this shitty addiction. Thanks you PUBG thank you!
  10. This is the first game that has kept me away from tanks for a long period of time. I love t but holy hell I suck at it. The whole gear collection aspect is fun, the dying as soon I run into someone is not
  11. Only tier 9 tank I 3 marked and this was before buff. I love this thing now it is even better. Only thing is I have quit this game for a while. But that PTA could get me back! As an aside PUBG is awesome!
  12. I came back to play some of this patch to see what it was like and I am finding tier 9 even more sweet than before. With MM ramming a big piece of splintery wood up tier 8 asses and MM having a hardon for all tier 10 games I am finding my tier 9's are top tier a lot and when they are not they have lots of tier 8's to farm anyway. Anyone else finding this?
  13. Oh man and I just removed WOT from computer again. I should re-install just for this competition Yo. Just in case I will leave this here
  14. Ack I guess tier 9/10 are the place to be these days.
  15. I read a post on reddit about wn8 averaging across all the same type in a tier. Ie all tier 9 light tanks will have the 1 value. Is this true and can it be applied to WN9 instead? I think the opportunity to pad is going to go through the roof. I do get why they are doing it though, the changing values on tanks with all the tank reshuffling going on must be a lot of work for very little joy.
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