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  1. If you want to spell it in original, it is Škoda. And Czechoslovakia is Československo. And now find it on your keyboard
  2. More armor, worse HP/ton. I tried these tanks at test and it looks promising. But I am bad with unarmored mediums. Definitely no free exping for me. Lts 35 and 38 are marvelous in real.
  3. Not that bad. I bought attachable joystick to my screen and it is good. But still worse than full WoT. Target tracking is nice addition and no arty too. Playing on Xperia Z1 Compact.
  4. Everyone is a pubbie to some extent. And frankly if you are judged just by your stats, than you are definitely one
  5. I was in alpha and played more than 100 battles. Got to Tier X Yamato, Tier 10 Destroyer and Tier 10 Cruiser. Carriers were simply too boring and expensive to play. Now I am trying ships I haven't tried before and the economy model is better (around tier 5-6). Also Capitan exping is a bit more rewarding. And Alpha reward ship seems a bit OP and also very fun to play. Problems: Battleships are hardest to play and with least options. Reload takes ages, turning takes ages, You can't reliably hit at long range, you can't reliably hit at close range. AP ammo is usually worthless. Anything
  6. And usually your repair is on CD so you can't do a thing with fire/flooding. Just die. Automatic repairs take ages.
  7. Maus, VK 45.02B, E 100, IS 7, E75, T110E5 are all candidates for this mission (almost any tier 10 heavy except T57 and 113). At tier 8 I think 110 and 111 with IS-6 have some chances. IS-3 in hulldown against really bad players. I did mine in E100 in first game and later improved result in E5 twice and few times in IS 7.
  8. Definitelly, but King Tiger is probably weakest for its tier.
  9. Congrats, mine was a while ago and It was not easy Today I just reached 56% overall. Damn this milestone was hard. I went from 2717 recent WN8 at 21362 games to 2257 at 23206 games. I either suck more or play more WN8 inflated tanks now. So now just keep that 56% and get my recent to purple like before. Maybe it was my Panther 2 padding after all. I tend to enjoy game and don't care about WN8 lately.
  10. Jammore


    This gun is a monster for T6 medium tank. So it is still decent for T7 battles. You have third highest alpha for med tank in tier. Penetration is slightly lower, but still adequate and this tank has a nice DPM. Just learn to flank and aim. I agree that premium round could use a penetration buff. But you have that insane 300 dmg HE shot available. I enjoyed T-43 and it is a good training for T-44. Camo and later repairs...
  11. I think that having two SSDs is a bit waste of money, but performance is sure better if you don't want to move games and stuff to SSD for play. Is it really necessary though?
  12. If the requirements are reasonable and it is for example 5 of 7 games, than it is better. But this is just pointless speculation.
  13. As long as your platoonmate is better than average player you are actually improving your chances. So platooning with sub 50% - nope, unless they are heavilly willing to learn something. I have also a very good experience in platooning with player with completely different playstyle - he fills the gaps in game I don't. And I enjoy assault for larger game variety.
  14. I only buy premium camo when it is 50% off and only on one tank. And on tanks I intend to keep. So that I can look forward to painting another tank next time. Credits camo has its use when grinding a scout, otherwise not much.
  15. I just picked random beers Most of beers are decent nowadays. Worst things I ever drank is Australian rum and Korean cactus wine.
  16. I was referring to this joke: American, German and Czech meet in pub. American orders Anheuser-Busch, German Aldersbacher and Czech orders Coke. The rest ask him what is he doing? And he responds: "If you don't order beer, me neither!" (Change nationalities at your discretion, originally it is Pilsner, Brno and Prague drinkers usually)
  17. Jammore


    Snapshot and smooth ride are definitely help, because you start with smaller aim circle. When fully aiming GLD helps to do it faster and if you aim at least a 1 second it gives you some 10% better circle. Snapshotting in T-34-1 is not very reliable Of course you can mitigate need of GLD with food, but it is a bit expensive. I still keep GLD on my T-34-1 for all these reasons, not much better other choice anyway. btw: No taky že někdo mluví stejně
  18. Protecting allies hitpoints is not that easy. What you could try is actually making their hp sacrifice worth it. For example your teammate is going to the stupid place and you know he will get shot. With this knowledge you should help him to damage enemy (without sacrificing your own hitpoints) when the enemy focuses your teammate. This way his sacrifice won't be so huge. Example: Your ally is going to the open in Tiger 2. He is facing isu 152. Tiger 2 will hit ISU for 300 and ISU will hit Tiger 2 for 750 --> 450 hp of bad trade difference for your team. If you are nearby in your own T
  19. pros - something new to the game - credits, premium, tanks for "everyone" cons - goals have often nothing to do with good gameplay (winning the game) - some goals are really obscure and random dependant (you need specific tanks to destroy or more likely specific circumstances to fulfill it) - really bad translation of objectives - could WG do a simple translation right please? My stats say I am blue player - somewhere around 1% of the whole player base. Yet I have problems finishing these because I don't have proper tanks - arty, lights and TDs. At first I thought I'd be able to g
  20. Me too. No complaints for almost a year. Finally some well equiped phone that is not larger than average oar. Z3 compact seems even better - same size, thinner, bigger display, better protection and stronger battery. Average peasant has a smartphone now... You know how to make some people feel old I hope I am also more robust then...
  21. D-25T has 1 degree worse gun depression than 100T together with worse aim time and accuracy. Overmatch mechanics is not used that often to justify that. Alpha is advantage, but the only one. Not mentioning APCR prem round instead of HEAT on 100T.
  22. Well in terms of penetration they are roughly the same, but bigger alpha is better when you have limited window to shoot. I also played mostly AP (like having 8 prem rounds for emergencies only) and flank heavilly. And 25 sec reload is really not long (on par with T57 heavy). It will be much much worse. You can almost stay at T71 if you keep stock gun on T69.
  23. Coca Cola my favourite. Since you didn't mention any real beer On more serious note. I prefer small breweries. Used to like Svijany, but they kinda stopped being a small brewery. Kocour (Male cat) from Varnsdorf is a good beer.
  24. All in all, I wish SS would stop being a hypocrite. It's really the only problem I have with him. The rest of the issues I see with him, are easy to fix if there was any effort put into it. Hypocrisy on the other hand is a much different issue, much deeper than ignorance or malice and, in my opinion, even worse than stupidity (Which I do not think SS is). Edit: Edition and formatting is terrible. My apologies. Really well written. I really wonder if you get any answer.
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