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  1. Whoops, made Foch rant about lights well into his next game. Not that it takes much to induce a rant of course lul.


    edit: in the stream at about 4:02 on bloody Ensk https://www.twitch.tv/videos/129744400

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  2. I always considered this the correct version. Not really sure where this "knowledge" comes from though. But like stated before, things may have changed by WG or work differently per game mode, although I doubt that. Test it and let us know!
  3. Holy LAVA/LOTI revival! Haven't seen so many of them online in-game since 1984!
  4. I'd guess that 3 would be assisted instead of platoon dmg.
  5. Anytime brah! It's the good life, usually lasts 2 days here. Hurray for global warming!!
  6. Oh no, got kicked form clanu due to afk... too much BBQlife. Just read about campaign and figured I should start playing again this week after over a month of absence... whoopsy. Saw some great tanks IRL this weekend: IS3, AMX13, Leo's, stug, t-34-85 and more! Pretty cool.
  7. It's too warm to be inside these days....... the BBQ-life.
  8. Ha! You haven't stolen much of my damages lately and suddenly the recent drops...... Not pontooning with me should also explain the increase in wr
  9. We tricked them into letting me in, so you can now have all the wn8s of the donators. But yeah, emu's wn8 should suffice too.
  10. For #1 EU that would be very welcome I'm afraid. Still need that warpack common sense mod installed though.
  11. You'd better! It's all the damages you stole from me and more! Now that the arty ToT is gone I can stop reverse paddering with the m40 too. Oki, I'll contact them and say you promised me clan-access and an M60 code! Fenks!
  12. Can confirm, just did the grind from 1-9 (used free-xp for vital modules). Kept the tier 6 to get a proper 2nd crew (assuming t9 and t10 are keepers), t7 and t8 are mucho meh but playable I guess. Played the t8 with the stock turret (and stock gun if I remember correctly...) for maximum gun depression so at least it has something going for it. Playing paper meds in this meta is hard unless it has something to compensate, like for example a clip... "grinding" the t9 now, pew pew pew!
  13. Just had this guy sitting with the arty on prokh. He has more prem-vehicles than battles and usually does at most 1 shot of damage in them... Just WOW.


  14. Why they do this to me! It cannot be unseen nor unheard!

    You're welcome.

  15. Me neither. Had the experience twice with quite different circumstances and didn't feel the urge to cry about it either way. It's been done a couple billion times before, it's not that special... ehehe. Not saying it's good or bad if someone cries or doesn't obviously, I probably just lack empathy Enjoy the kiddo, they grow up so fast!
  16. Think I'll be playing tonight. Would be great if you'd join my quest in the TVU Koncept against T10s. I won't steal any damages, I promise....
  17. Great. Started grind on t8 CZ turd, xp-bonus activated. Here we go, let the suffering commence.

    After 15 games (1 5 !....) I came to the wonderful discovery that rep and med-kit didn't get replaced automatically. New tank yo, need to tick boxes... ffs. All the time I assumed I had already used them when they were gone and thought the tank burned modules and crew members like crazy... Po-ta-toeeee

    Boxes ticked, should be better now. M53 shoots M103, bye 900 of my unspotted hp. And again. ISs snapshotting the living shit out of me or they snapshot someone else and I die anyway.

    30 games suffered: 70% winrate... ok... Potatoed to 2k wn8, how do people even manage to 1k?

    1. FullGore


      They dont, it's a lie ! :) (i freexp this shit tbh). tier IX is absolute joy, so keep up the grind :unicum:

    2. Sergeant_Fgt


      15 battles m8. That oughta been a lot of booze for a morning session.

    3. dolfiegol


      It was a weekend session, I tried to behave like one of those typical x3 peeps as much as I could (apparently).

  18. On another sky cancer note, did any of you see Quickybaby get rekt by a 261 on Ruinberg yesterday? You know that gap between 2 buildings in the little village, he shot TWO AP-shells through it from the red-line. Insane shots.
  19. I joined the dark side and bought m40/43 yesterday... what a filthy, filthy machine. I'm quite potato at arty, but I just keep hitting/splashing wherever I clique... I actually apologised and took a shower after ending the game of a full speed, full hp CAX in minute 1. Even if it misses it's bye 500hp. Or you hit some heavy in the face and splash his buddies for another 200 a piece... Only @ninz can make me lose in his bush kemping Skoda!
  20. Depends on the map, on Prokh they will all sit hiding and cry in the corners if there's >1 arty. For most semi-decent players a game without arty will open up a lot of zones to play.
  21. The solution seems quite easy actually, just (re)introduce higher battle tiers so that in battle tier 12 there's only tier X. Right?
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