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  1. Thanks guys for the replies. I'll add you to my friends list. After work today I'm back to the grind. See you soon.
  2. I'm Looking For A Few Tankers To Platoon With. Recently I put away my 27k, average stats, tank collector account. Now I'm dusting off this older character I created back when I was shit. So in some ways, I'm a bit of a refail. Oh the shame! The humiliation. I've also had to swear off anything below tier five. It's time to retrain the brain. As you know, solo play at the higher tiers gets more and more difficult. So my numbers are tanking and I would like to have a few kind folks around. WoTLabs is the place to look for clans to join due to the culture. But I think platooning would be a prudent first step to meeting people. I'll gladly talk about my primary account stats if you're interested. Not here though. It's best to downplay that conversation and info online. Tanks I'm Playing The big grind on my platter is the T-54 through to the Obj and the T-62. However I'm trying to fast track my tier six crews, and need to play those too. Tier 9: T-54 Tier 8: IS-6, T-54 prot. & IS-3 Tier 7: T20, and T29. Tier 6: KV-85, T21, T37 & AMX 12t My Promise To You As A Teammate I'll bring two ears and one mouth, I'm here to help win. I'll back you up in a fight, but I won't sh!t in your foxhole. I'll block your incoming rounds, but not your line of retreat. I'll round any corner with you, but I won't crowd your lane. I'll shoot what you shoot, but not if your stopping to snipe! I'll cover your reload, but don't get mad when I take the kill. Low Tier Padded, Fake Blunicum Stats Here
  3. I do this almost every night before I go to bed. Usually after a particularly good stretch of wins and wn's. The result is that dreaded 145... just throwing it all away. It's probably the single greenest thing I do these days.
  4. How can I get into a good clan that enthusiastically runs nightly tier 6 Clan Wars and Strongholds.

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    2. Eggs_benedict_cumberbund


      youll get burned out of endless farming in stronks just to ceew

    3. Tedster59


      most people here hate CW2.0

    4. Satchel_Charge


      I understand that. Hence why I used the word 'enthusiastic'.

      Maybe I'm in the wrong place.

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