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  1. This raises an interesting question of information rights. I presume that Garbad wants to remove his content so that WotLabs doesn't benefit from the traffic. But he's fine with personal archives, which will probably be reposted on other forums or PMed here. What control rights does Garbad have over his content, and how much of that control is enforceable in the web era? I would like for Garbad's content to remain openly accessible, since he's been a long-running and consistent education voice for this game. I'll like for his guides and commentary to continue to educate up and coming players w
  2. Via Tank Inspector, JPE 100: BIA+Rammer+Food+Vents = 20.34 seconds. Probably this.
  3. Suspension equipment also significantly increases track module HP (20%), which reduced the chance that a hit to your tracks or a crash will roll enough module damage to disable it. To give a sense of scale, an E75's stock tracks have 240 HP, elite tracks have 250, and in combination with the suspension module will increase track HP to 288 and 300 respectively.
  4. Stress test your OC by running Prime 95's torture test on small FFT's for 6-24 hours.
  5. Yes. By increasing Ammo Rack HP, you are increasing the HP of your damaged ammo rack, decreasing the chance that another shell will deal enough damage to destroy it.
  6. Since the IP's gun handling is just so bad compared to it's rate of fire, I dropped rammer entirely in favor of EGL/Vstab/Optics + AFE/repair/medkit. I intended to harmonize the elite configuration of a RoF semi-comparable to the other T8 mediums, weak armor, good depression, and terrible bloom. As a hill support sniper, I wasn't brawling in knife edge reload wars, I had cover during my extended reload time, couldn't rely on snapshots to consistently hit, and needed to minimize my exposure time. Having a rammer would just unlock theoretical DPM that I would not be able to exploit if I moved or
  7. The bad accuracy, bloom, and poor-ish penetration means that sniping with the E1 is pretty bad. The terrain resistance is quite good compared to most T9 mediums, which partially makes up for the poor HP/ton. While the hull is almost paper, the crazy angles of the turret means that you can get trolly bounces occasionally. At point blank range against poor depression tanks, you can juke your self side to side while twitching your turret in the hopes of buying time. The camo, while not superb, can work wonders if you have a high camo skill and know how to manage the vision game. Full camo can mak
  8. From Tank Inspector: 430: From centerline to 62.5 `, 5`. 62.5 to 170, 1 170 to 180, 4 140 From centerline to 164, 6 164 to 180, 2 62a From centerline to 177.5, 5 from 177.5 to 180, 4. Looks like the XML pitch limits are formatted in total arc rather than arc from centerline. So <front>-16.2 5 125</front>means that there is a 125 degree wide arc of 5 degree depression centered on the frontal axis, not a 5 degree depression arc extending 125 degrees each side. Tank Inspector also shows that there is a small transitional arc between different depression limits, where the limit
  9. Better bloom control both on turret and tank movement + listed stat difference. Read the gun descriptions.
  10. Try hitting F9. That should be the control that activates it. Unfortunately, I don't know if there is a simple config to have it turn on before every battle. As is, you need to hit it each battle. Mind giving me a link for the white tracks mod?
  11. I would be interested in experimenting with this.
  12. OCD tweaking for the enemy reload scope timer (MeltyMapMathMod). In MeltyMapModSetting.xml, reload multiple should be changed from the default 0.875 to 0.864 for a more accurate reload timer.
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