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  1. Its done Congratulations! For successful completion of personal missions you receive the following rewards: Days of Premium Account added: 2 Free Experience added: 4,000 ^^ I did it with Comet, lit Tiger 2 and sta 1 on fire. Fast firing british meds are the best for this kind of missions , definetly.
  2. Can someone share tips for completing Incinerator mission? Im stuck at this mission for obj 260, other missions almost complete, and this one has been turned on for 3 months at least. I can lit fire on one tank, but two tanks 1 tier higher than me in one game seems almost impossible
  3. I ve been wandering these forums for a long time, just reading and learning stuff , so i ll now just say tnx for all usefull articles , and for some less usefull but pretty interesting Some of u here may know me from ranked tb-s and ingame channel. If anyone need toon mate add me as friend ingame, im lookin for new clan too, so if anyone have spare place and need sh,cw rtb player pm me . C ya on the battlefield
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