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  1. You can see the pubbies on reddit got to this with the T54 being nearly a full point higher than the 430 II. Still, should be some interesting data. Tanks rated 9-10: Skoda T-50: Autoloader with good dpm, decent gun handling, good mobility. Arguably better tier for tier than the TVP. E-50: Even though I have trouble with it sometimes, when you get its armour working, it has a great gun to go with it. Only real downside is the easy to pen turret and mediocre maneuverability. Conqueror: Amazing gun and turret, which fits my playstyle very well. Maneuverability is bad, but not as bad as some other heavies allowing you to get some clean up damage. 430 II: Like the T-54 but with actual armour. 330 HEAT on a t9 med is nice, and this one has the armour to back it up, with some nice sidescrape potential on top of the nice turret. I would say this tank is underrated and underplayed since it leads to the mediocre 430. T-10: Great heavium with decent maneuverability, a good turret, and a solid gun to top it off. Sometimes can get lucky with the black wholes in the side, but mostly the potential to play hulldown makes it work out pretty well. Tanks rated 1-2: AMX 50 120: I hated this tank with a passion, a gun that doesn't feel like an autoloader with 3.33s between shells, the reason that I discovered how bad gun elevation can give you ebola and to add insult to injury it has bad gun depression too. Not necessarily deserving of its spot here, but I have PTSD from playing it. Type 4 Heavy: Literally just an HP piƱata, slow, bad gun, armour that only works against mongoloids. T95: Hello artillery.
  2. T110E5: 36 - is an e5 TVP T50/51: 20 - not an e5
  3. FV215b: 11: 120 mm Gun L1A1 TVP T50/51: 28 T110E5: 26M48 Patton: 22 Haven't played a lot of this, but I can't get the mediocre accuracy to work combined with no armour, cupola to hinder ridge play and crew dying (although that might just be no JoAT fucking me over) AMX 50B: 24
  4. E100 still on 17 after 140 62a and e50m all eliminated...
  5. I would have downvoted the e100 but I'm salty about the E-50M still being on the list after the 140 got eliminated.
  6. BatChat 25t: 2 FV215b: 17 T-62A: 9 - Closest thing to the 140, Russian meds have been a staple for competitive play forever for a reason, and it's not because they're bad. TVP T50/51: 26 E 100: 22 E 50 M: 1 - How this is still in and the 140 is out boggles my mind. Slow, bad dpm, mediocre armour. T110E5: 30 M48 Patton: 26 AMX 50B: 31
  7. How is the 140 so far below even the E100? I guess I should vote more tactically, there's no way in my mind that the 140 is the worst tank of those remaining.
  8. Batchat 25t: 6 FV215b: 18 - 2500hp on a tank with as much dpm as a medium T-62A: 14 Object 140: 7 TVP T50/51: 22 E 100: 25 E 50M: 16 - mediocre armour, not as fast as other mediums and just plain bad DPM. T110E5: 29 M48: 36 AMX 50B: 31
  9. 113: 9 TVP T50/51: 18 AMX 50B: 29 Batchat 25t: 22 E-100: 29 E-50M: 26 Leo 1: 12 STB-1: 18 Centurion AX: 15 FV215b: 25 The gun handling cured my cancer from the IS7 T110E3: 14 M48 Patton: 37 T110E5: 24 Object 263: 8 T-62A: 21 Object 430: 11 Object 140: 20 IS-7: 11 The gun handling gave me cancer IS-4: 13
  10. Recruitment thread says that S3AL is looking for 2.2k/3.4k for applicants, but idk how flexible that is.
  11. Aiming high is good and all, but I think 556% might make it a bit too obvious that you're hacking
  12. GL with the clan @Ectar, if I wasn't in a clan I would join, but I need the credit boosts to fund my gold spam in randoms.
  13. I'd give weenis' stream a perfect 5/7
  14. I heard that they were looking into doing a clan league for EU, but can't remember where from. Would be good to see it on EU as well as NA.
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