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  1. Hi, can any one give any info about the sound.cfg and timer.cfg?
  2. I am only dealing with a single clan group, so not many at all. What I am doing to storing the data to plot graphs of the players wn8 over time so the speed isn't an issue,
  3. I am a bit confused, I didn't think the information was available through another method? When I look at account/tanks I only see data on battles and wins, not on frags etc... Am I missing some features?
  4. Some more semi related. How to do a last 60 days type wn8? My thoughts are I will need to store the data, and take the current data and subtract the 60 days old data. So I would work out the rDAMAGE, rSPOT and so on numbers from 60 days ago and then subtract it from the numbers calculated today. Does that sound right? then recalculate rWINc, rDAMAGEc and so on to generate a recent wn8 result. Or do I need to go back further and subtract the dam, spot, defp, wins and so on?
  5. Thanks, that has been very helpful and now it is working correctly. This is sort of related, players with a tank that is not in t he expected values. How should that be handled and how common is it? One of the players I am calculating for has a tank id of 57121 For now I am just skipping it.
  6. Hi, I am trying to calculate the WN8 scores and my code is giving the wrong answer. I basically copied it from http://wiki.wnefficiency.net/pages/WN8 so I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I get the expected values from http://www.wnefficiency.net/exp/expected_tank_values_latest.json Is it how I cam multiplying the expected results by the number of battles in the tank? Here is the output, the answer should be about 509 according to noobmeter but my code is getting 436 And here is the offending code
  7. Yeah, my bad, I meant going forward might it not be maintained since they took the link down?
  8. Does that mean it might not be being maintained (the link)?
  9. I was more looking for a permanent link to the latest version. Not the location of the manual link, but something that can be used with wget that always links to the most recent.
  10. Correct, the "horror" was a poor attempt at humor on my part. Yes, I ran the code with version 20 and it now matches. Is their a static link that always points to the latest expected values file that we could download once a week via cron? Rather than watching a forum or manually checking the page for updates?
  11. True, thanks for that, what I had forgotten to add was that the 10 points difference reported by wot labs and noob meter is a wn8 higher than I have ever had (I know, tomato at 430ish) so unless they are pulling from the future then I can't explain my score as anything other than my having a bug in my code.
  12. 2, 3 whats the difference? Wrong is wrong right? It's not the number of points different that bothers me, its that I checked 5 or 6 that were spot on and one that was different. So my thoughts are that there is a problem with my implementation.
  13. Hi I am calculating the WN8's for my clan, when a couple of us were looking at our stats I noticed to my horror that mine are reporting about 10 points below what shows on wotlabs and noob meter. But the others are the same as here and noob meter. Where would I start looking for the mistake in my code given that it's right for most of the users, or at least seems right. Here is the code I am using. The tanks_statistics table is basically this data https://na.wargaming.net/developers/api_explorer/wot/tanks/stats/?application_id=demo&http_method=GET which I then us
  14. Ok, so it is really only possible to calculate on the last X number of days. I am still a little confused on how that would work. So I was collecting data every day for a person. And I had data going back 60 days. How to I calculate the WN8 for just those 60 days?? Do I take todays input values and subtract the input values from 60 days ago and then run that through the formula? But today's data includes the payers data since they signed up to WOT. I guess I go and play with some numbers now
  15. I might not have phrased that question correctly. How do the sites get access to individual battle results? Using the WOT API I don't think I can do that. But if it is possible can someone point out the method? At the moment I am calculating the WN8 for my clan based on the data for all battles ever in all their tanks. I use this API https://na.wargaming.net/developers/api_explorer/wot/tanks/stats/?application_id=demo&http_method=GET to get the data. But I see no way to select individual battles?
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