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  1. I'm admittedly not the best player in the world, but my cap rate is 0.60 (http://wotlabs.net/na/player/mackay) and I have nothing against capping for a win. Maybe has to do with my awful survival rate and a tendency return for defense rather than pushing the base after winning a flank. Maybe I'm losing games by not having a higher score, but my recent wr matches up with recent win8 pretty closely (95% or more of my games are solo). Edit: Eff and WN7 were both before my time if that makes a difference
  2. I've used https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ (ignore the awful site) for the past couple years. I'm not really worried about the privacy aspect more the simple movable vpn when I need it (for streaming, fixing routing issues for games, etc.). It works, and it's pretty cheap (50 or 60 bucks a year). Only issues I've seen are some latency problems if I was playing tanks and watching Netflix at the same time.
  3. I've only been playing about a year, but consistently without any real gaps. I've been close to being done for months, mostly due to the amount of time (and money ) the game eats up. The, grind, RNG, Arty, awful teams, CW2.0 (though I had no exposure to 1.0 and not a ton with 2.0), etc. all contribute. I find the T-22 debacle concerning though it hasn't affected me personally yet (not much t10 play, and no CW since it was released). The one thing that has kept me limping along is dropping any and all obligations to the game (real or self inflicted/imagined). I've enjoyed all the clan
  4. Thanks, I'll hold off. Just bought another 2 tier 10s so don't have the credits anyways
  5. So I'm pretty close to the E50M, is it worth upgrading considering I don't have a spare crew and the E50 is probably my first or second favorite tier 9? I probably won't have a spare crew until I get another 5 female crew members (which could be a very long time )
  6. I picked it up as I wanted the M10 for the pref matchmaking as a crew trainer. I didn't mind the gun at tier 6 on the VK 30.02M so I expect it will feel fine with similar matchmaking. The B2 is hilarious if you don't mind playing low tiers, still have to throw a lot of prem around (and cry a little bit when the other team has Matildas). Problem is that it's low tier, and I didn't find that fun. I only put 15ish battles into it since I got it a while back.
  7. They catch up (and overtake) super quick, my Rudy crew (in 140 now) is 90% into their 4th skill after 330 battles, and the female crews would start 200k xp ahead of them (I think that's right for the 1st skill) . Maybe not worth moving a high skill crew immediately, but definitely worth training up in a premium for eventual replacement or a new line.
  8. Correction, Berlin crew has the free BIA but no free assignable skill (unlike the female crews), you needed to grind up Six Sense like any normal new crew (the BIA made it less painful though). Berlin pack crews are awesome, but not as good as the female (unless you value being able to intermix them with other crews highly). They do make up three of my best crews though, so they are worth putting the effort in on. I'm also one of those baddies still on the Stug missions (I should probably play more TDs and Lights).
  9. This thing is kind of hilarious at top tier. 1.5k Base XP, Radley Walters, Steel Wall, Cool Headed, and so on... Only thing that penned me was a Matilda. It makes me a feel a bit dirty. I want to get my one of my Russian crews past the 2nd skill, so at least I have an excuse for playing it during the 5x weekend!
  10. I've always wanted to see this map gone, only map in the game I've never had any idea how to play reasonably.
  11. I've really been enjoying this lately. I find I don't get tier 10's super often (and it can still be useful in them), it's still pretty decent in 9's, and it wrecks in 8's. This might be taking over from the Rudy as my favorite medium premium. Two games in a row at top tier as examples: http://wotreplays.com/site/2169791#mountain_pass-mackay-t-54_first_prototype http://wotreplays.com/site/2169847#tundra-mackay-t-54_first_prototype
  12. MacKay

    The IS-8

    Since this is the top is-8 anyways, is the top engine worth the 26k xp if I'm not going to keep the tank? I'm not sure what impact 700->750 will have vs getting to the is-7 more quickly.
  13. I picked this up this week and was able to skip to the top gun thanks to the free xp conversion bonus last weekend. So far I can see it's appeal, but how do you play Prokhorovka? This is my first big box tank (besides the E50 & Tiger II) so I'm not used to all the tier X arty focus on the 6 line, and I doubt I would do much better on the hill.
  14. I bought it (I'm a sucker for premiums), it's pretty shitty. I can't really quantify why beyond the pen & tumorous growth, but it doesn't really play well. My average damage in it for today is lower than some of my tier 6's Personally I don't need pref matchmaking to enjoy a premium tank (it definitely helps, but I still really like the t-54 mod 1, Rudy, cdc, etc.), but this one's dead in the water without it. I'll probably burn through the 5x's for my Chinese crew and never play it again. I've only played it 12 times, so maybe I'll fall in love with it over the weekend, but somehow I
  15. I've had it a few times, middle very exposed if you don't own the castle (except for maybe the east side of the ditches). Castle is kind of fun to play, but there hasn't been a ton of contention over it the times I played. I'm sure I'll miss the old shire.
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