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  1. Post equipment 2.0 thoughts? I really like the idea of turboboosting this to 55 kmh, but I have hard time justifying dropping VertStab, Rammer, or Optics. Maybe optics if I was running food, but then what's the point of making this my moneymaker?
  2. The first post I made with graphs does (although the IAU is modeled wrong in those), the second post with graphs is if the player is intentionally making more careful movement.
  3. So, I reran the calcs, but I updated the variable in two ways. First, I changed the IAU parameters per the above discussion, and 2nd, I changed the speed values to model a situation where dispersion is limited by the player micromanaging their movement. In this case, the player is going 55 km/h, and turret and hull traverse is 35 degrees/s. As you can see, even a modest amount of mitigation of traverse dispersion drastically improves IRM. And, like @sr360 pointed out, if you're an mobile and active situation, you're going to constantly be in that initial bloom section of the graph, where IRM is always better. And if you're moving very carefully and slowly when taking long distance shots, IRM would get even better. Also, IAU completely follows the baseline until the end, because it sucks. All this to confirm what people were already saying. Next, with eVS + something else. Remember, this is not max speed/rotation. Again, confirming what's already been said, eVS + IRM is really good. I won't bother with the graphs for what 3 gun handling pieces would be. Since IAU sucks, it's obviously eVS+eGLD+IRM. My vision right now is 462 with food, so I might try this out, just to see how it does. I recognize that optics or CVS would be more optimal for winning, but who cares? I just want to blap shit with 152mm shells.
  4. That is both disappointing and somewhat deceptive on WG's part. This makes IAU terrible in most cases, relegated to dedicated snipers. Even then, I'd probably prioritize other handling pieces, but I generally don't play snipers, so I wouldn't really know.
  5. So, to clarify, this is a max bloom scenario, and after thinking about it, I don't think it's an accurate representation of what players actually do, just like you say. In this case, IRM is hampered by the increased traverse speed, but from what I've seen from watching good player replays, it's not like you're always bombing it around taking potshots. The good players are managing their traverse vary carefully (except doing drive-bys), which means they're not maxing out their bloom. In this case, IRM would get drastically better, because the speed increase isn't really impacting the aim bloom. In the original calcs, when I didn't account for the speed increase, IRM>IAU, except for fully aimed sniping. Even when you are doing drive-bys, which, like you said, is often the case, you may not be maxing out traverse speeds. So even if my calcs are right, the IAU's slim superiority is easily mitigated (likely without even trying to), and certainly not worth losing the benefit of IRM to a good player taking longer distance shots. I would imagine that this way of playing also lets IRM beat out eGLD in both cases, like you say. Is that how it works? I assumed that IAU reduced the circle at all times, and that's how I did my calcs. Even if it doesn't speed up aim time, it effectively speeds up aimtime in the same way VS and IRM do, by limiting the circle size. Just, in this case, by applying it to the circle size directly, rather than to the dispersion penalty values. If all it does is allow the final circle to get smaller, than my IAU calcs are invalid, and makes the equipment trash on a vehicle like the T49.
  6. Since I'm bad at tanks, and can't hit the broad side of a barn, I'm interested in how the new handling equipment pans out, especially since IRM has been mentioned a lot on equipment threads. And since I'm such a huge fucking nerd, I mathed it out. I used the formulas and info from and https://docs.google.com/document/d/17LQIEI4SmxGoaIWEqq-qUlbsBDYX-vy5n5mDw_XuVi8/edit# I used the stats from tanks.gg, and only used enhanced equipment if that option was available. First, I tested out one gun handling option at a time. So, unless I screwed up the math royally (very possible, I didn't say I was a smart nerd), the most surprising takeaway is how underwhelming the IRM is, and how surprisingly good the eGLD is compared to everything but the eVS. The cause is two-fold. First, the T49's long aimtime make the GLD significantly better compared to it's normal gun peers, and second, the IRM is seriously hurt by large hull and turret traverse speeds and dispersion penalties. This was confirmed for me after I initially did the calcs without accounting for the additional 10% speed. In that situation, eGLD didn't catch up to the IRM until about 2.6 seconds instead of about 1.4. That's a huge difference that just a little speed makes, given the T49's dispersion penalties. Now, since it's not surprising that the eVS won huge, I then did the calcs with eVS plus one other handling item. I'm becoming even more suspicious of my math at this point, since the IRM becomes even less viable here compared to eGLD. I suspect that the T49's relatively fast traverse speeds are playing a bigger role here than I initially thought. Again, I initially did the calcs without speed increase accounted for, and the eGLD caught up at again about 2.6 seconds, instead of about 0.8. Also, IRM was better than IAU at every point except for a fully aimed shot, as opposed to here with the updated calcs, where IAU is always better. I'll have to review my calcs again later, but I've checked my work several times so far, and it seems good. Also, I should probably include vents. The other interesting takeaway here is that while eVS + eGLD is generally the best option, it loses to eVS + IAU for both snap shooting AND fully zoomed accuracy. And, for shits and giggles, I also did the options for three gun handling pieces, because why not? The eVS + eGLD + IAU is the clear winner here. Thoughts? Keep in mind, the T49 is unique, and probably penalizes IRM usage more than most other vehicles in the game, so these graphs can't be translated to general performance of these equipment pieces on other vehicles.
  7. Broken as in OP? You ok there, bud? Fuck arty.
  8. The Russian tree is one that I haven't really invested in much compared to some other trees, but I find myself with a lot of Russian fragments after not playing for a couple of years. Now I'm wondering what you all think are the most painful high tiers to play. I'm not very familiar with all the recent updates as far as how buffs, nerfs, and powercreep has affected the various lines. Currently, I'm at the LTTB, tier 7 for both medium lines and the IS, and tier 6 for everything else. Except arty, cus ... arty. I plan to eventually go up all the lines, and just want to get the worst out of the way. Thanks! Edit: Top contenders are currently SU 101 and Obj 263. Casemates, terrible depression, bad gun traverse, bad track traverse, and bad gun handling seems wildly painful. Runners up are KV 3 and KV 4. They seem like slow inflexible heavies that have been somewhat penetration crept. Not necessarily garbage, but certainly boring.
  9. Post 9.16 thoughts? I've heard pretty awful things about the Bulldog, pretty curious about this one, though.
  10. 57% Winrate and two Radley Walters after 51 games. Honestly, I think I just got lucky with the teams. I think before I wanted to chalk it up to being good, or figuring out how to play the tank right, but the more I look at the stats of the thing, and the response of other players to the tank, I'm more and more convinced I just got lucky on this tank.
  11. Huh, 11k games and I never knew that tier 4 heavies got limited MM. The more you know ...
  12. Do you mean the German B2? I'm thought the French B1 got full matchmaking like all researchable tanks ...
  13. I generally keep my gift tanks just because I like training my light tanks crews. And many of the gifts have been American or Soviet lights. I've been playing the T-45 (and the Tetrarch) on my alt account to get my commander to 6th sense before I transfer them to the KV-1. What's kind of cool is that it can survive a Pz 1 C autocannon clip, which is nice. The gun handling is terribad, though, requiring that you get in close to do well. Hull down is particularly good. Even the pom-pom will have about a 50/50 chance of penning the turret, and IIRC, that gun has one of the best pen values in tier. Anyways, once I get the KV-1, I'll still sell it anyways to get equipment instead.
  14. Ok, I cleared my WoT cache using Aslain's XVM installer, which somehow resulted in me needing to reactivate both accounts on the XVM site, and now they both show stats. Not sure why that worked, but whatever, I'm just glad its working now.
  15. Yes. Rebooting WoT altogether doesn't work either. Although, there was a mini-update today, so maybe that changed something. I will update later.
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