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  1. Broken as in OP? You ok there, bud? Fuck arty.
  2. The Russian tree is one that I haven't really invested in much compared to some other trees, but I find myself with a lot of Russian fragments after not playing for a couple of years. Now I'm wondering what you all think are the most painful high tiers to play. I'm not very familiar with all the recent updates as far as how buffs, nerfs, and powercreep has affected the various lines. Currently, I'm at the LTTB, tier 7 for both medium lines and the IS, and tier 6 for everything else. Except arty, cus ... arty. I plan to eventually go up all the lines, and just want to get the worst out of the way. Thanks! Edit: Top contenders are currently SU 101 and Obj 263. Casemates, terrible depression, bad gun traverse, bad track traverse, and bad gun handling seems wildly painful. Runners up are KV 3 and KV 4. They seem like slow inflexible heavies that have been somewhat penetration crept. Not necessarily garbage, but certainly boring.
  3. Post 9.16 thoughts? I've heard pretty awful things about the Bulldog, pretty curious about this one, though.
  4. 57% Winrate and two Radley Walters after 51 games. Honestly, I think I just got lucky with the teams. I think before I wanted to chalk it up to being good, or figuring out how to play the tank right, but the more I look at the stats of the thing, and the response of other players to the tank, I'm more and more convinced I just got lucky on this tank.
  5. Huh, 11k games and I never knew that tier 4 heavies got limited MM. The more you know ...
  6. Do you mean the German B2? I'm thought the French B1 got full matchmaking like all researchable tanks ...
  7. I generally keep my gift tanks just because I like training my light tanks crews. And many of the gifts have been American or Soviet lights. I've been playing the T-45 (and the Tetrarch) on my alt account to get my commander to 6th sense before I transfer them to the KV-1. What's kind of cool is that it can survive a Pz 1 C autocannon clip, which is nice. The gun handling is terribad, though, requiring that you get in close to do well. Hull down is particularly good. Even the pom-pom will have about a 50/50 chance of penning the turret, and IIRC, that gun has one of the best pen values in tier. Anyways, once I get the KV-1, I'll still sell it anyways to get equipment instead.
  8. Ok, I cleared my WoT cache using Aslain's XVM installer, which somehow resulted in me needing to reactivate both accounts on the XVM site, and now they both show stats. Not sure why that worked, but whatever, I'm just glad its working now.
  9. Yes. Rebooting WoT altogether doesn't work either. Although, there was a mini-update today, so maybe that changed something. I will update later.
  10. Yes. I believe I have about a week left before I need to reset the activation on my main account. Both accounts are definitely activated.
  11. Not sure if this is the right section. Started an alt account recently, but now XVM doesn't work on the main account. Its the same comp and IP address, not sure what would cause this. Could it be something in the files?
  12. I know! T_T The FCM actually was on sale on NA after the tourney was over, but only in the shop, not the garage. WG be playing with me.
  13. Why didn't I think of that before? Its all so clear now! Thanks. Yea, I've played with the gun on the Lorr for about 50 games, but apparently I sucked with it. The slightly better gun handling plus being 70% through the third skill set with Snap Shot and Smooth Ride should make it fine to drop the GLD. Or so I hope.
  14. Whoops, haven't really checked this thread since I opened it. Thanks for the feedback. So, of my original choices, it looks like only the FCM remains as a potential purchase. Of the other suggestions, only the SP, IS-6, and T-54 Proto are purchasable with gold, and I'm definitely not purchasing the SP. I do care about money, and the thing is slow AF. For those suggesting that I buy premium time, I don't play regularly enough to actually make it worth it to buy premium time. Also, I'm treating it like Christmas money. You don't use Christmas money to pay bills (unless you have too), you use it to buy yourself something nice. As for the IS-6, I already have a WZ-111, which has a lot of similarities. Except for that stupid lower plate. I mean, I don't think its as good as the IS-6, but I don't really want another derpy 175 pen 122 mm gun. So that leaves the T-54 Proto and the FCM. I'm not really going up the Soviet medium line at the moment, and do intend to go up the French heavy line first, but I'll get to both eventually. The Proto is way cheaper though, and I get the feeling the FCM isn't going on sale anytime soon.
  15. What about just BIA and vents, no food? I'm poor.
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