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  1. Stetpedding WOWS in tier2 is real. What is wrong with WG product philosophy?

  2. Zao, while good in randoms, is weak in ranked. No radar no smoke, slow turret traverse and low dpm, problematic torpedo angles. Hindenburgs eat Zaos alive close range 1v1 and they can also do the long range things Zao can. Is there any redeeming feature? I am struggling.

  3. 7 losses in a row in ranked in Benson. However lost only 2 stars. My BB players are so unbelievably useless every fuking game. First 5minutes they don´t affect the game in any way and when they try to do something they always just die. Like WTF? I must seriously suck at this game. Maybe alcohol has finally destroyed my brain.

  4. My team just lost a battle in WOWS. A Co-op battle. Bots capped. Five of my teammates did nothing to prevent it.

    1. orzel286


      Bots don't cap, they kill all, so a)many bots got into the cap and didn't get off fast enough or b)got stuck. The second option while still being a complete fail for a hooman team has at least funny side to it.


      When bots start to deliberately play for objectives humanity is doomed.

  5. Gneisenau must have the worst main armament in the whole game. 6 gun shotgun mode and when you score one hit all you do is overpen. Broadsiding cruisers at 5km hit under the smokestack.. 2 overpens. Then you get and occasional citadel on an angling Hood. Like WTF. I want to like this ship but the guns fail in every single battle.

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      Still better tier for tier than Myogi.

  6. I don´t understand Aigle. So akward to play. A chore and at tier6. Gun and torpedo angles are a total guesswork every time you switch targets, it turns like a whale and just has horribad camo and only 6 meh torpedoes. Nice fire chance but get rekt in tier6 MM.

    1. Hellvn


      Treat it like a light cruiser rather than a DD and you'll do fine in it.

  7. Haven´t got Richeliu yet but seen a lot of them ingame and seems that those guns can´t hit anything.. really not looking forward to it. Watched some Flamu too and he was appalled with the guns. Normandie feels great and Lyon feels kinda overpowered to me.
  8. Sometimes I wonder why people play World of warships when they clearly should play World of Ships. Such is their fear of sighting or shooting enemies or god forbid getting shot at. Just take the war out of warships and battle out of battleships and everything seems less out of place.

  9. Am I the only one who is actually having fun in the current WOWS ranked season?

    1. Folterknecht


      Yes - fucking stupid grind. I stopped at level 11-12, where half the team suddenly suddenly was in DDs. And HE spam wasn't helping the gaming experience.

      Add the fact that regardless of how good you play, you get fucked if you end up with the losing team ...


      Fuck that shit.

    2. TohtoriP


      Yes there is a lot of DDs in higher ranks but as I drive exclusively Benson in ranked (only got Benson and Mogami at tier8), it is pretty ok for me. However I have found out that if you have one carrier or only one BB in your whole team and that player is shit your team is gonna lose no matter what.

  10. Full tier 10 games in Malinovka with 3 arties per side is so stupid that from now on just better do some "active scouting" from the beginning to stop wasting time.

  11. Remove ingame XVM. Reduce arty splash radius. Make arty visible in minimap after firing for one second so they have to relocate even a bit. Prohibit arty shooting tanks less than 100 meters away. Remove all japanese heavies. Remove good map positions to camp behind own cap circle. Reduce turret armor in a lot of tanks. Remove unpenetrable cupolas. Rework gold ammo. Introduce 20 tier MM and rebalance all tanks to that.
  12. TohtoriP


    This used to be one of my favorite tanks and I had only slight trouble with the gun as I had a good crew with it. Now somehow every time I play it feels really mediocre. Tier8 powercreep / light tank MM changes have affected it probably quite a lot.
  13. As a general economics rule for myself in wot is that I never buy anything with credits if it´s not on sale. I have enough tanks already that I can run them as long as I want and that gives me time to wait on sales on tanks equipment and consumables and stock up when that happens, like this weekend on EU. I also fire very little premium ammo because the costs are often prohibitive since I don´t buy premium time at all. Sure sometimes you don´t pen because of that and RNG rolls screw you over even more but that is a price to pay. I got three tier8 premiums that were marathon events, IS-6, WZ-11
  14. TohtoriP

    "The Feast"

    But where are the black versions?
  15. Only viable tiers to play at the moment are 9 & 10 in my opinion due to 3/5/7 MM. When your top tiers fail you can at least be one of them fails and blame yourself or have a chance of still impacting the game as a viable tier9. Even tier7s seem to be so much weaker than tier8 tanks that you have a serious problems fighting them. And tier8 itself is broken. Not much to choose from anymore is there?

    1. moogleslam


      I would add Tier 7 as well.

    2. Assassin7


      9, 10, pref 8. I don't want to touch reg 8s. 

      Tier 7 is okay from the few games i've played, but tier 6 just gets all the pref 8 games. 

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