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  1. This boosting needs to stop. It is not good for the game for either you or the enemy team.

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    2. WhatTheSkara


      Try breaking a mountain pass camp without boosting.

      Ye, good luck with that.

      Boosting actually showed wargaming how fucking terrible their map design is, since you have to access previously inaccessible parts of the map to win games.

    3. hazzgar


      @Fulcrous mate I mentioned heavy tanks a few times in relation to tanks which cannot boost and you saay mines is not difficult. Did you boost mines in a kv5? If not then stop changing the subject.


      Also mines is easy to counter if the enemy player is a moron. Had a game where I and my whole team had only relatively blind tanks against a bat chat. You know how easy it was for him to take us 1 vs 4? He could relocate on the boost unseen, fire 2, hide and reload. We hit him a few times but not enough and were raped. Literally the only thing I could do was get better RNG so I hit more

      @WhatTheSkara boosting didn't show anything. Map design for CW vs map design for pubs are 2 different things really. Also wg probably doesn't even look at what happens in CW for the most part.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      Man, please, stop being ridiculous.. map design is shit, either for CW or pubs, boosts make some maps a little more dynamic, opening up opportunities to "flank" and break camps.

      I will be honest (and farm a lot of neg rep), I didn't give a fuck if you get farmed by someone who can actually use his brain to get an advantage over you.

      You died in your superheavy? GOOD.

      You think you can flank a E3 200m away from you? No, you can't. You'll lose 1500 hp at least, if not more. 

      Is boosting illegal? No, it's not. Is it immoral? No, it's not.

      You found a teammate boosting to camp the whole time? It's the players fault, not the mechanic's one.

      Stop being a little crying fuck and get good. And maybe don't play blind tanks if you don't want to get outspotted all the time.

      I can unfollow this cancer status update now.

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