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  1. Only viable tiers to play at the moment are 9 & 10 in my opinion due to 3/5/7 MM. When your top tiers fail you can at least be one of them fails and blame yourself or have a chance of still impacting the game as a viable tier9. Even tier7s seem to be so much weaker than tier8 tanks that you have a serious problems fighting them. And tier8 itself is broken. Not much to choose from anymore is there?

    1. moogleslam


      I would add Tier 7 as well.

    2. Assassin7


      9, 10, pref 8. I don't want to touch reg 8s. 

      Tier 7 is okay from the few games i've played, but tier 6 just gets all the pref 8 games. 

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